Probate Essentials Q&A Call

Thursday, August 18th at 6pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific

60-Minute Open Mic Session


Ernie Vargas

CEO at REI Leadership Academy home of the Probate Fox


Thursday, Aug. 18th at 6pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific

What We'll Cover During This Open Mic Q&A

Stop Trying To Wing It

The agents, brokers, and investors who survived the crash of 2008 did so because they niched down. We'll share strategies, ideas, and answer all of your questions around how to master probate real estate so you can not only grow a 7 figure business right now, but be positioned to not only survive, but thrive during the next housing market correction.

Think Differently to Compete In A Croweded Market

This is the time for you to double down on probae real estate to virtually eliminate your competition by diving deep into a niche that is not only horibly underserved, but also grossly misunderstood. It's a niche that provides huge profits, but only to those who are willing to learn it's secrets.

Make Progressive Decisions

The data is clear - the agents, brokers, and investors who came roaring out of the last housing market crash were the ones who decided to pursue a solid niche in real estate which gave them a steady stream of profitable deals even in an upside down market. There is a formula for success in probate - you'll not only be making serious money now, but you'll be positioned to dominate your market when the next crash hits.

Become A Probate Super Hero

There are three basic steps to creating a 6 or even 7 figure probate real estate business: 1) find the damsel in distress (secure a list of properties in probate), 2) be the hero (learn how to communicate with families going through probate), 3) save the day (help solve their problems). And when you get this right- and you apply the probate strategies we talk about during this Q&A - your real estate business will ignite because you are a probate super hero.

What people say about it

Will I be able to ask questions during the session?

Yes – absolutely! Ernie will start off the session by sharing one of his latest insights in probate real estate for about 5-10 minutes...and then the rest of the session will be an open mic Ask-Me-Anything format.

Will there be a recorded replay of the session?

We will record the session and post it in both our facebook group and on our Probate Fox Podcast (click here to access the podcast)

Will this be the only Q&A session Ernie will be offering?

Great question - no, we are going to hold open mic sessions every Thursday at 6pm EST (3pm PST) going forward. But - they are private sessions so you need to register each week so we can be sure to sen you the correct link.