“Discover The Unknown Niche That Is Making The Master Real Estate Investors BIG Money Every Month…And How You Too Can Automate Your Profits Right Now!”



It’s so simple, that when I was young, foolish, went bankrupt, and had absolutely no money to invest, I still made money… My students and I continue to thrive even in today’s economy.






“Ernie is going to teach you how to do more in probate, in less time and make a fortune doing it…

And I hope you do.”

-Mark Victor Hansen

-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul


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Who is Ernie Vargas and why should you listen to him?

Ernie Vargas is the classic story of rags to riches. Born and raised in the City of Los Angeles, Ernie was no stranger to the rough life of the streets.

He didn’t only rise from it and dramatically change his and his family’s life but most importantly, Ernie embraced the education that only poverty and hunger can give a man.

He took that and quickly adopted it to the Real Estate Buying Business. And when he discovered Probate he not only supercharged his real estate career but in fact experienced his biggest fortune.

Now ten years later he opens the doors to his knowledge, background, and expertise to you-with his program that he calls Probate Fox. It’s as clever, wise, and strategic as the fox and only found in the probate niche.


From: Ernie Vargas


Dear Friend,

The layoffs and job losses in America have devastated the quality of both ours and our childrens lives in our country.

According to the employment report released by The Bureau of Labor Statistics, we have lost over 7-million-plus jobs in the last eighteen months alone and with government, state, and local city funding deficits; we are on track to experience something much worse.

Here’s what the government and wealthy investors hope you never discover!

The reality of today’s world is that life as we know it has changed. We can no longer depend on job stability and we sure can’t depend on any outside force to take care of us. The good new is that this is the new frontier of entrepreneurship and the opportunities for wealth are much greater than ever before.

One of the fastest, easiest, and simplest ways for a quick recovery and new path to success is in the niche of real estate and specifically in the secret money making market we know as Probate Real Estate and its Estate Liquidation Business.

As the old cliché goes there are only two certainties in life-Death and Taxes.

The truth is that every single human being that walks the face of this Earth always has and always will live and die. It’s true and it’s not bad, on the contrary, it’s a miracle we are given the opportunity to live. And while people live; they spend, buy, and accumulate material treasures.

Therefore, probate assets have been changing hands in every thriving market and in every recession. The passing of people is not subject to real estate market conditions and the need to dispose of property and liquidate the estate for the purpose of fast cash in hands is at an all time high in today’s economic climate.

Think about it, while every investor in town is chasing after the same foreclosure; you are cherry-picking from the probate tree in your own backyard.

According to the U.S. Census, there are over 2.4 million deaths a year and at any given time there is an average of 5.9 million estates being probated.

My team and I have been buying tons of probate property for years and even though we are making great money, we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of all the opportunities that are available.

I have realized that in order to grow I must open the doors to my system of probate success so that I can attract the right people with the right attitudes whom I can instruct to take the right actions.

People who know that specific knowledge and strategic action will bring calculated results.

Now it’s my turn to give back and to teach you exactly how we can both attain more of that cash in hands by working together.


“There’s a very specific way about making money in probate that you need to learn about.”

-Robert Allen

-Author of Nothing Down, One Minute Millionaire, Multiple Streams of Income

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What is probate and how you can profit from this business

Probate is the legal process of property distribution once a person is deceased.

And probate fox is the step-by-step take-you-by-the-hand educational resource to show you how to maximize every business angle found in the probate acquisition niche.



Most people don’t know there is a Probate Real Estate Market

Many people are spinning their wheels on investment vehicles that turn up no results.

What’s especially unfortunate is that so many would-be investors end up quitting just shy of success. Hmmmm. If they only knew of the secret to the biggest profits in the real estate business.


Secret #1:

No competition

Because probate is such unknown territory to not only the heirs but most importantly to investors, probate makes the perfect land of opportunity for the few who are willing to invest in their education and gain the “insiders knowledge” to this untapped market.


Secret #2

Unlimited Inventory

Besides the thousands of daily probate filings that go untouched, you have a massive supply of leads that have been sitting on the shelf for months, if not years, that are ready to be sold immediately and could potentially be more valuable than even a fresh lead as absolutely not one single person knows about it.

Probate is all about strategy, knowing where and when to go.


Secret #3

Motivated Sellers with Equity

These sellers need you to buy the property so that they can finally liquidate the estate, pay debts, and then receive their inheritance.

And since most of these properties were owned by a previous generation, you’ll find that most real estate in probate is free and clear and therefore is perfect for creative financing strategies- along with deep discounts of 30% to 50% off market value.

And it’s only found in the probate market!


Secret #4

Forgotten Treasures

It’s mind blowing to think of the treasures you will come across in probate! From classic cars, antiques, jewelry, art, to vintage post cards and photographs, and SO much more…and it’s all worth BIG MONEY.

Secret #5

Business Property

Talk about a secret and extremely lucrative type of property called a business.

Most heirs have no desire or clue as to how to run a business-and you don’t need to either, all you need to know is how to sell it.

You can buy a coffee shop and have built in residual income for life or sell that shop for both the real estate value and the database of established clients the coffee shop holds. (This is an advanced strategy.)

Probate truly is the Land of Creative Opportunity.


“I’ve given up going to Real Estate classes and go straight to Ernie because he really knows what he’s talking about.”

-Retired U.S. Air Force
-Oceanside, CA

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I just want to thank Ernie so much for all of his wisdom and knowledge that he has shared with me through his program and coaching. I am so ready to take advantage of the opportunity we have today.

All I can say is if you truly want to succeed in real estate then his program is a #1 MUST!

-Amy & Jorge

-Los Angeles, CA





Your program gave me so much self-confidence and a BIG understanding to investing plus it took me by the hand and set up my real estate business for me. Thank you so much for helping me take financial control of my life!


-Pittsburgh, PA





(My guess is you do too.)


You ever wonder how some people are thriving in a bad economy, but yet others are still struggling in a great economy?
There’s obviously a lot of factors for that but one main reason is the control you or someone else has over…your time!
Some people work for a J-O-B, and even though it is very honorable, it does not give you any control over your time!

For many a j-o-b = Just Over Broke
I’ll show you how to gain your time back BUT you must control the second biggest thing that stops most people from taking action to financial freedom and that is…


The Mind

It’s that little voice inside that says it’s too risky or it’s too difficult or? or? or?
The straight truth is that it’s all EXCUSES

Let’s eliminate them right now!




Excuse #1

You need money and good credit to get started


In the conventional world you only work with conventional ways. But in “our world”, when there is an opportunity, we work with creativity and leverage.

Now there’s nothing wrong with using your own money or credit, but when you want to minimize risk and maximize leverage—then take advantage of all the creative financing strategies available in your probate market.

And as far as the money goes, you will soon learn that when you need an extra partner or just have to have more cash, we at Probate Fox have your back.


Excuse #2

It’s too risky- Especially in this Economy!


In this economy thousands have been lead to poverty because they do not have the independence of entrepreneurship.

What I call Risky, is not setting yourself up to withhold any market turbulence.

I will be your probate mentor and together we will ensure the discipline of study and practice so that you are not gambling with risk by being unprepared.



Excuse #3

All the good deals are taken

Yes! Some deals are taken and some will be taken by You! It really depends on how much time and energy you are willing to contribute.

However, what will make a bigger punch— is your system, and that my friend, is where you are at an advantage with Probate Fox and its systematic approach to this business.


You will find all kinds of deals from:

Probate Foreclosures Probate Reverse Mortgages Probate Short Sales Multi-Home Apartment Buildings

Vacant Land

Personal Property Treasures

Abandoned Property


It’s not a question of enough deals.

It’s a question of enough strategic, systematic, and well instructed investors.

The timing couldn’t ever be better than it is today. With so many people flooding the foreclosure market, the

“probate insiders” are almost effortlessly hand-picking their properties of choice.



Your Probate Property Niche Home Study Course



Probate Fox Home Study Mentorship Program

($3,488 value)


The fox is well known for its •wisdom • strategy • and cleverness •

This home study course is where you will discover how to work smarter-not-harder(wisdom)…

by leveraging your skills and opportunities(strategy)…

so that you maximize your cashflow without becoming a slave to your business(cleverness)

In your Probate Fox Home study course you will discover the techniques that lead to the right action at the right time for finding and acquiring probate deals.

The training includes 3 DVD’s, 8 audio CD’s, 1 data CD, and the probate niche action guidebook(over 300 pages in pure content) where Ernie the Probate Fox himself gives you EVERYTHING you need, to become your very own local market probate expert –AKA- A True Probate Fox!

A great thing about this program is that it’s designed for the beginner, intermediate, and even the seasoned investor, so you can definitely move along at your own pace.


Understanding Probate. In the CD’s, you will learn exactly what probate is and why it’s a great niche but most of all…how you can profit from it today.

Convert probate files into probate leads.– You can use our exclusive Probate Leads Broker or learn to hand pick your own probate files directly from your courthouse.

Be the first to the probate deal. Learn to be the first investor to the probate lead and learn to look up properties, plus get them under contract.

Why and How to be the last is as important as being the first to every probate opportunity. The biggest advantage you will have is that nobody, and I mean Nobody Else is going there!

What are all the so-called probate treasures? Everything from cars, antiques, jewelry, art, business, and much more. But the real question you will have answered is how to buy as many of those as possible.

What properties to avoid so you don’t waste time and money. Learn to do this and you will shortcut your learning curve, while others will be standing around asking what happened?

How to buy probate properties even if you have absolutely no money, no credit, no prior experience, and a bankruptcy on your credit.

Due diligence/Onsite Inspections Become a master at determining property values when inspecting your probate opportunity but also learn how you can use the Internet’s free resources to cut your research time in half.

Your Probate Forms and Contracts. At your fingertips and on CD, are all the probate forms and contracts to keep you ready at all times.

All Your Probate Letters. On this CD is where we share our marketing recipe that makes you shine above the rest.



6 Week Take-Action Coaching

($1499 value)


Over 6 weeks, you will be on the phone with Ernie planning and strategizing everything you learned in your home study course. It’s here that you will have the opportunity to:

  • Implement and review your assignments You will have specific tasks every week that you can review, share, and discuss as a group
  • Lead generation Together we will make sure you are getting the support you need to capture the probate leads that are right for you.
  • Property Analysis It’s extremely important that you know if you have a deal or not. And I want you to streamline your process so that you can make those decisions as quick as possible.
  • Writing up the Offer Once you have a deal, you will immediately “tie up that property” by putting it under contract. How you write it up and the lingo you use is what will set up your exit strategies.
  • Exit Strategy Knowing ahead of time, what your exit strategy options are is important for your success. We will talk about when to wholesale, when to retail, and the importance of building your buyers list so that when you land your probate opportunity, you can move your property faster.


It’s like having your personal fitness trainer, except the muscle your building here is called financial wealth, because the right action always equals= the right results.

If you miss a call, Do Not Worry, we have you taken care of because every call will be recorded so that you can listen and re-listen at your own leisure.



6 Weeks of Unlimited Q & A



Scratch the six weeks, let’s make it unlimited Q & A because I’m in it with you for the long run. I want you to consider Probate Fox as part of your “success team”- we are the people in your corner. You will be provided with a private email where you can send all your probate questions for life.



Free Entry Ticket to the Probate Fox Live in person training

($3,997 value)


A 2 day Get-Straight-To-The-Point and Straight-To-Making­-You-Money Event

This is an intimate small group learning session.

I designed it this way so that you are assured the most personal attention from me Ernie, as well as, your peers in the room…BUT don’t let my former students know since they only got a one-day intensive for $3,997.


Probate Explained.

Dissecting probate files

Getting the heirs to accept your creative financing offers.

Learning to bypass the files that will kill your time.

Finding Private Money.

How to get probate attorneys to-run- not walk to do business with you.

Mastering the Estate Liquidation Business.

Offline and online real estate marketing 101.

Learning from others mistakes- so that you NEVER make them.

Win/win negotiation that works in today’s market.

The cash advancement to heirs strategy.

…and so much more.



“We should have five in escrow next week.”


-San Diego, CA

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Swift Fox Take Action Bonuses

As it should, life rewards those who— just do it. When the right opportunity meets the right person that person must be able to make a quick decision and then take massive action.
If you can see the probate business as your opportunity to make an immediate change in your bank accounts and you have made the decision to take action then I want to immediately reward you.

Swift Fox Bonus #1
($795 value)


4 Fifteen Minute Consultations.

I am determined to see you succeed. If you are at the point that you need to talk because you have a RED HOT DEAL or you are just stuck or maybe you just can’t find the answer, then call me at my private unlisted number.

Swift Fox Bonus #2
($999 value)


6 month Accountability Partner
Real estate is much more than buying houses.
Real estate is a business and to get you off to a good running start, I will help you initiate and review your goals and your business plans.
Plus, you will have the opportunity to submit on a week-by-week basis, your accountability contracts to help you stay accountable and committed to your own success.

Swift Fox Bonus #3
($97 value)

Special Report: The Secret Niche Within Probate: Report #1: Conservatorships

Swift Fox Bonus #4
($97 value)


Special Report: The Secret Niche Within Probate: Report #2: Guardianships

Swift Fox Bonus #5
($97 value)


Special Report: The Secret Niche Within Probate: Report #3: Trusts

What do all these three secret niches mean, when can you participate, and when should you stay away.


 Swift Fox Bonus #6
($1497 value)

Your state court information and information to get your specific leads emailed to you.



Let’s Summarize Everything


This is what you are getting in the Probate Fox Probate Property Niche Home Study Course


Probate Fox’s Probate Property Niche Home Study Course ($3,488 value)


6 Week Take Action Coaching ($1,499 value)


VIP UNLIMITED email access ($1,497 value)


Free Entry ticket to the Probate Fox live in person training ($3,997 value)


4 Fifteen minute consultations ($795 value)


Goals, business plan, & accountability partner for 6 months ($999 value)


Special Report- The secret to conservatorships, guardianships, and trusts ($291 value)

Total Value $12,566.00



But I’m not going to charge you $12,566.00.

It’s All For Just $1497


Probate Fox Home Study Course






Probate Fox Double Guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If my products don’t help you make more money, I want to buy them back. I believe you should only pay for things that work for you.

Guarantee #1:

Get a product and keep it for 30 days, at the end of 30 days, if you aren’t thrilled with it, return it for a full refund…no questions asked. Just pay to ship it back to us and we’ll refund you the full price of what you originally paid, once we get it back.

Guarantee #2:

If you decide to keep it past 30 days, I’ll ride with you for another eleven months. At the end of one full year, just call me on the phone and then show me proof of at least three strategies that you tried that didn’t work for you via email or FAX and I will give you my mentorship and hold your hand the entire way until you get that first deal…even after a year.


I think that’s pretty fair.

If you have any questions about my programs and services, please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected] or call me at 1-800-442-2988 and I’ll make sure you get an answer really quick.


To your success,

Ernie Vargas

Probate Fox

wisdom • strategy • and cleverness


P.S. I have never opened up my knowledge and experience out loud to the general public like this before, but I am looking for a select group of people to take to the Entrepreneurship of Probate Investing where together we can build long lasting partnerships and cash-making opportunities.


P.P.S. There are three kinds of people in this world; those that watch things happen, those that make things happen, and those that ask “What Happened?”
The question right here, right now, is which one are you going to be?
Those that make things happen know that success always starts within yourself. And the transformation into physical reality always, only occurs when you take action on your opportunities.


P.P.P.S. It’s only obvious that you want to make a positive impact in your bank account and you must already know real estate investing has taken many people there before you
Therefore, it’s easy to conclude that it can take you there, too.
To THE place, where your dreams can become a reality.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with my 100% money back guarantee.
I am the BEST and the most CREATIVE in the industry and I am ready to help you arrive at your dreams.NOW!!!




“If you’re looking for mortgage free real estate, you won’t go wrong.”


-Chicago, IL

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” I have been a licensed Real Estate agent and investor for over 20 years and when this economic recession hit, my business really suffered.

Now that I have learned all about the Probate Property Niche. I always have more real qualified leads than all of my investor and agent friends”

-Michael V.

-Ventura County, CA



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Earning Disclaimer: Do not invest in this training if you think it will automatically make you money just because you bought it. Everything in life requires work and effort, real estate and probate more so. The results I’ve shown here and in the related videos aren’t typical and yours will vary. In the end, you may not make money at all. It’s possible you might even lose money. You need to know this before getting started. This is not the magic beans from Jack and the Beanstalk that makes everything happen magically. It’s very likely that you may even break a sweat doing this program.

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