Merryl Lynch building found at:

225 South Lake Ave; Pasadena, California 91101

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Exit the 210 freeway heading away from the mountains going south on Lake Avenue.  Pass through Colorado Street. Continue through pass Green st(one way Street with signal). The next street is Cordova Street, turn right (you will see an L.A. Fitness and Souplantation across through street also on Cordova).  Turn left into the parking garage(pic 1). Parking garage entrance off of Cordova Street: Garage entrance: Garage and 225 building: You will need to follow the building traffic rules to get around to the parking which is directly across from 225 South Lake Ave.  As you enter from Cordova St. 225’s elevators will be to your right as seen in the picture above .  The closest parking will be to your left. 225 South Lake building is at back of this picture.  This is the parking spots that are to your left when you enter into the parking garage.  The signs say that the parking is a 2 hour limit but it is meant to stop daily tenants from occupying clientele parking. You will not get a ticket for parking in this section,  we will be parked here, as well. Once you have parked you will walk across the parking garage to the 221 South Lake Building which you passed when you entered into the parking garage from Cordova. Side of 225 South Lake building: You will walk around the 225 Lake Avenue building as shown in the pictures until you see these doors which will take you to the elevators.  Take the elevators straight to the 3rd floor.  Let the receptionist  know you are here for Ernie Vargas. Feel free to grab a drink(water, coffee, or hot chocolate) while Ernie comes out to meet you.