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Starting his career in real estate dead broke while his wife Kathy was pregnant with their first of four children, Ernie quickly built a six-figure real estate business when he accidentally stumbled upon his first probate property back in 2001.

Over the past 20 years, Ernie, also known as "The Probate Fox", has become the nation's foremost expert on probate real estate by helping thousands of real estate investors and agents create true financial and personal independence through this profitable & underserved niche.

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Ernie's Story

I grew up poor on the streets of Los Angeles. I'm not talking about "we can't afford to fly on a plane" poor, I'm talking about the "my mom was homeless when she was pregnant" kind of poor.

I never let that define me or hold me back. In fact, it's what has pushed me to achieve all the success and fortune I have today.

After bouncing around from job to job, including double shifting 16 hour days as a forklift driver at Costco and a merchandiser for Pepsi, I stumbled upon a real estate seminar hosted by the legendary Robert Allen.

I was dead broke at that time with a new wife and our first baby on the way. I made every mistake in the book but still ended up profiting $158,617 on that very first flip back in 2001.

Then in 2002, I stumbled upon probate real estate. Back then, nobody knew what probate was.

I became consumed with a desire to master probate real estate and spent countless hours at the probate courts researching, and just as many hours on the phone figuring out how I could help these families untangle the legal mess they found themselves in.

But there were so many families who needed help, I knew I couldn't do it all by myself, so I started teaching other real estate investors and agents how to work probate.

Over time, I became known as the Godfather of Probate and was dubbed "The Probate Fox".

Everything I do is for both the glory of God and the love of my family.

And I've been blessed with not only an amazing wife and four great kids, but I also love my Probate Fox family as well!

There is so much opportunity in real estate here in America. The problem is most people don't have the guts to take bold action and start living life on your terms.

The greatest wealth transfer from one generation to the next in American history is about to take place. Thirty trillion dollars is going to shift from one generation to another through inheritance.

And it is estimated that over 18 trillion is going to end up in probate.

The late, great Dale Carnegie once said, "Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy."

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