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My Probate Connection to Motown

I’ve always loved music of all kinds. My musical tastes are a little eclectic. Growing up I listened to everything from Stone Temple Pilots, to the Eagles, to Dr. Dre, to the Temptations. Motown holds a special place in my heart so when we had the opportunity to attend the musical “Ain’t Too Proud: The

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Roadkill on the Grill

When I travel, I love to get to know the locals. And not just when I’m traveling abroad – just as every part of the world is different, America is so vast that every part of our great country is different too. Since I was in Florida last week, I thought it might be a

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Is Bigger Always Better?

Yesterday in Berlin, Germany, a massive aquarium standing over 46 feet tall, holding a quarter million gallons of water and 1,500 fish exploded sending a wave of fish, water, and glass through its hotel lobby and into the streets of Berlin. It is, or I guess was, the biggest cylindrical aquarium in the world. Luckily,

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This Time They’re Gonna Let Me Stay in Florida

I’m back in Florida again. The last time I was here back in September, I almost got bamboozled by hurricane Ian. I arrived on a Sunday only to be told we had to evacuate the very next day. No hurricanes this time (well, not yet at least). But instead of not being able to get

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Goal Setting

He’s Gonna Lose Everything He Has in Less Than 5 Years

If you didn’t know it already, I’ll say it again. I’m not a fan of the lottery. It’s a scam that steals billions of dollars from society’s poorest and most vulnerable members. Here’s one quick example of what I mean. Earlier this week a guy from South Carolina walked into a gas station, bought a

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Gum and Roses

I love Christmas for all kinds of reasons. The most important of which is the birth of the Christ child. But there are other things I love about the Christmas season too. Take the Rose Bowl parade for instance. Living in Pasadena gives me a front-row seat to a real sensational event. One of the

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Because of Confidentiality, I Can’t Tell You His Name

I take a lot of notes. Stacks of notebooks line my bookshelves. There is so much gold in plain and simple everyday conversations – I can’t help but jot it down. Writing notes helps me remember what I’m hearing. The way I figure it, the more ways you can cram stuff into your brain, the

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A Carton of Marlboros and 26.2 Miles To Go

It’s funny how our brains allow assumptions to become our reality. Do Twinkies really last forever? Nope. Will shaving your body hair make it grow back thicker and faster? Wrong again. How about this one: Chain smokers can’t run marathons. Ok, you’ve probably never actually put chain smoking and marathons together, but when you hear

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The Market Flipped Just Like That

Remember a couple of months ago when the market was saturated with buyers and the biggest problem was trying to find inventory? It sort of felt like the “wild west” of real estate. People were doing crazy things. And some were making crazy money. They were gambling on the market overpaying and overleveraging themselves on

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Personal Story

Tales From My Turkey Birthday

The Vargas family just got done enjoying a fun-filled long Thanksgiving weekend. We had our usual turkey family dinner on Thursday with the obligatory nap afterward. Then we celebrated my birthday on Friday. Yup, the Probate Fox is not immortal. But I like to think that I age like wine. A while back I told

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Oops, I Forgot They Don’t Celebrate Thanksgiving

I was talking with some friends of mine this morning who are very successful entrepreneurs in Europe. Our group connects often to talk about what everyone is doing in their business. But we also talk about family. We all share the same belief that our faith and family come first. We help each other stay

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I’m Thankful I’m Not This Guy…Anymore

I saw a post the other day from a guy who was complaining that he just got home at 1am after a grueling 15 hour shift at work and was hoping to sleep in since his kids didn’t have school in the morning, but ended up only getting 5 hours of shut-eye because his kids

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