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A 20 Year Old with No Money…but a lot of Heart!

Here is an email thread between a young man who is only 20 years old and pretty short on cash. What’s exciting about him is that in spite of his young age, he is going after his dreams in real estate. He reached out to me for advice and I’d like to share some of

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Can You Generate Deals If You Are New, or Have no Experience?

I would like to share two simple videos that I put up on the YouTube channel. They are from a young man who just joined my real estate company and he has been given the role of prospecting via the telephone. He has absolutely no experience in… probate, real estate, or in… reaching out to a seller

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Another Question Answered: Contacting Attorneys

I love getting your questions and I share them in hopes that it might move you along in your journey in probate. So here’s a question I got last week. I have been doing Probate investing in Ohio for the last 18 months. I have a question regarding having success with attorneys. I do my

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Students Question Answered: How to Contact Attorneys in Probate

Below is a question I received from one of my students earlier this week and my response to her. I felt it could of benefit to others so I’m sharing it here. Hi Ernie, I am getting ready to reach out to some probate attorneys here in my major city. I am a bit stuck

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Thanksgiving email answered

This is an email I got over the Thanksgiving weekend. I thought you could benefit from the answer. ——– Original Message ——– Subject: RE: Happy Thanksgiving   Wow! Long time, no hear. I know it is a blast to your database and I am one of many, but I am grateful for your email wishes

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