January 16

Another Question Answered: Contacting Attorneys

I love getting your questions and I share them in hopes that it might move you along in your journey in probate.

So here’s a question I got last week.

I have been doing Probate investing in Ohio for the last 18 months. I have a question regarding having success with attorneys. I do my own mining of the probate records.

1. When you come upon a probate record where the PR is an attorney, do you 1) skip it because its a waste of time, 2) send your standard letter to the attorney, 3) find one of the heirs and send your standard letter to the heir, or 4) send a variation of your letter containing some of the stuff below to the attorney.

2. If you do send them a letter like in 2 or 4 above, how successful are you at getting a deal from the attorney on the specific property?

Here’s my answer.

Ohio is a great market for probate.

I have done many probate deals there over the years so I am glad to hear that you are there.

In Ohio, I have found it to be to your benefit to actually reach out to the attorney when they are the petitioner’s and send them a variation of your letter. (I do have attorney letters in the course)

I have had closings using this approach but what helps even more is when you copy the heirs on the letter so that all are aware of the opportunity to sell the real estate.

Furthermore, do some research on who the heirs are and if any of their address’s match the subject property address.

I like to find out as much of the story about the probate case as possible. Why is the attorney the PR?

Was he or she a trusted family resource? Or is the attorney listed as the “PR” because the probate is filed “In ProPer aka Pro Se” which means representing oneself in court.

That’s usually the case by the way so at that point you will definitely market to that PR.

Hope this helps you and keep me posted on your probate journey.

To your success,

Ernie Vargas


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