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Cash Isn’t Always King

You know the old expression, “Cash is king.” Well, in our world of real estate, right now cash isn’t the problem. The real struggle is finding sellers. Rising interest rates are making sellers second guess the idea of selling and having to buy another property at a much higher rate. So where can you find

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Secret Sentence That Unlocks Killer Africanized Bees and Six Figures

My secret strategy that resulted in a huge payday, a Jeep, and Africanized killer bees. A group of us were on the phone yesterday discussing a favorite question that has helped me to identify if there are more properties in the estate than what is recorded in the court records. On the call, I was

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Cadillac Concierge

In a competitive market you must always think about how you can serve your clients in the best manner possible. There’s a Cadillac dealer near me who blew me away the other day. They will go right to your house or business and actually pick your vehicle up, service it, and drop it back off

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Why Did she Sell me Her Probate Property

I closed on another probate property last Thursday. I am always so thankful every time I close on a house because there are a lot of things that affect who a seller will go with.Even though there are a ton of other real estate investors and realtors going after the same properties I’m trying to

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Another Question Answered: Contacting Attorneys

I love getting your questions and I share them in hopes that it might move you along in your journey in probate. So here’s a question I got last week. I have been doing Probate investing in Ohio for the last 18 months. I have a question regarding having success with attorneys. I do my

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Students Question Answered: How to Contact Attorneys in Probate

Below is a question I received from one of my students earlier this week and my response to her. I felt it could of benefit to others so I’m sharing it here. Hi Ernie, I am getting ready to reach out to some probate attorneys here in my major city. I am a bit stuck

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Probate Pack Rat

Do you remember the picture I showed you in a previous blog post. Pretty scary way of living right? Remember how I told you that it’s not un-normal to find probate houses that are in this type of terrible disrepair? Something else that you’ll often see in these homes is major clutter. Yup, the pack

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Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid

I just came back from a peaceful vacation in Utah. I got to stay in a log cabin surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of acres of beautiful country and the view right in front of me was the incredible Bryce Canyon. It was on this trip, that I got to sit and read all about

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