September 16

Secret Sentence That Unlocks Killer Africanized Bees and Six Figures

My secret strategy that resulted in a huge payday, a Jeep, and Africanized killer bees.

A group of us were on the phone yesterday discussing a favorite question that has helped me to identify if there are more properties in the estate than what is recorded in the court records.

On the call, I was reminiscing when there was one instance where I asked this question and the seller revealed that there was another property in the estate.

Would you like to know what that question is? How much are you willing to pay for this one little sentence that can result in an additional 5 or even 6 figure payday?

Lucky for you, I am a giving person. I’m gonna give you this one for free.

Ok, here it is. The secret question I’ll ask sellers to find out if there are any more properties in the estate: “Are there any other properties in the estate that you would be interested in selling?”

This isn’t rocket science. A lot of coaches and gurus want to complicate the process so you can pay them piles of money for secrets that are actually common sense.

This very simple question can unlock other properties that could be in the estate or could be in a trust and not part of the probate process.

As a matter of fact, this simple question has unlocked some of the ugliest properties that I have ever purchased, but they also turned out to be some of the most profitable.

One of my long-time Probate Fox students, Alex Vargas (no relation), was on my free Probate Essentials Q&A call yesterday and we were reminiscing about one particular deal. I assigned this deal combo to Alex and he reported back from the field with the most amazing story.

One of the properties had a beehive that had been left in place for a long period of time and apparently had become what experts call Africanized killer bees. On top of that, there was a huge motorhome and a bunch of other beat up vehicles that were left on the premises.

I love properties like this because we were able to barter with a towing company and get all of the junk vehicles towed away in exchange for a Jeep Willy which was worth quite a bit of money. It was a win-win situation for everyone!

In addition to getting this prized Jeep, this combo deal ended up as a wholesale transaction to two separate buyers earning a handsome 6 figure total fee.

Oh, I almost forgot about the bees. As I said, these were no ordinary bees – they were literally killer bees and they were everywhere! We had to hire a special exterminator to professionally remove the beehive. But like I always say, more problems = more profit!

To your success,
Ernie “Always Askin’ Questions” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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