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Secret Sentence That Unlocks Killer Africanized Bees and Six Figures

My secret strategy that resulted in a huge payday, a Jeep, and Africanized killer bees. A group of us were on the phone yesterday discussing a favorite question that has helped me to identify if there are more properties in the estate than what is recorded in the court records. On the call, I was

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How I Lost 20 Grand with the Stroke of a Pen

Remember the probate property I told you about a while back that not only had to have the laterals replaced (which ran UNDER the foundation of the ENTIRE HOUSE) but also got broken into and robbed? I finally got around to putting it up for sale and received over 27 offers in less than a

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A Catholic, A Mormon, and a Protestant walking a bar…

My son has grown up rehabbing houses that even his friends have gotten to jump in on the action. My kids have grown up rehabbing houses right alongside me. Kathy and I homeschool our kids so we’ve always been able to shift our schedules around so we can at time work as a family. And

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My Latest Wholesale Won’t Move

Once in a while I have a property under contract that I just cannot wholesale.I currently have a property under contract and although the numbers were tight, I felt that I could still assign the contract because of it’s ideal location.It’s one of those houses that’s in the best school district and in the most

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This Flip Got Lost in Translation

Just wanted to share a quick funny story with you about something that happened to me this week. One of my Probate Fox students is doing a rehab on a property they picked up and wanted my opinion on the kitchen layout. I’m always looking for an excuse to get out of the office so

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Laugh or Cry- Which Would You Do?

This week I was made aware of an unexpected plumbing problem on one of my flips that’s going to cost me upwards of fifteen thousand dollars to fix. It turns out the lateral was rotted out from the street all the way to the back of the house. The fix? We’re going to have to replace

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

One of the all-time ugliest houses that I wholesaled was the one that came with a truck, a panel jeep, a 28ft RV, and two other junkers.As a matter of fact they were all junk! None of the vehicles had pink slips and it was up to me to dispose of them.In addition, the property

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Probate with Multiple Code Violations, Judgments, and a Tax Lien

Often times the properties with the biggest problems tend to scare off most buyers. And I would say rightfully so. If a property is too complicated for you and you don’t have the experience or support to take it on, then you should not deal with it. However, your real focus should be on how you

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Three Probate Deals for the Price of One

I am an 80s child and one of my favorite programs was the…A-Team.A popular phrase on this show was“I love it when a plan comes together”and that’s exactly what happened this past weekend. The team put together three deals from one seller.Our seller was a US marshal who’s also in the defense and weapons business

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Wait is That a Rattlesnake in My Backyard?

I was just about done with this flip when after a heavy season of rain my backyard was left with an overgrown backyard full of weeds. Typically that doesn’t stop me from putting a house on the market; however this neighborhood is known to be filled with rattlesnakes and just recently a child was reported to be

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Doors, Floors, And More

I’m writing to you from the air as I’m in route to Chicago.  When I’m in a plane, I often get to just and have some quiet time. I was just thinking about yesterday’s adventures and I’m reminded about all the abundance in products and business that I saw. Since my real estate business has

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This Dog Has Too Many Fleas

This dog has too many fleas! That is exactly what one of my buyers said about a property that was offered to him. I absolutely love my field of work because you see the funniest, the craziest, and the ugliest things out there in the real estate market place. This house is so beyond repairs

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