February 16

First Probate Deal In 6 Weeks? Try 10 Minutes…

One of my younger students, Cole, lives in a small town in northern Wisconsin. When he came to me, he was skeptical that probate would work where he lives. His own town is pretty rural with just 9,000 people and there’s not much else around him. Just a bunch of other small, rural towns.

Even though Cole is only 21 years old, what he lacks in experience, he makes up for with excitement and determination. When he asked me if probate would work where he lives, I told him, “Cole, people are struggling through the probate process in small towns as much as in the big cities. Absolutely it will work!”

On the very first day of cold calling, nobody picked up the phone on his first four calls. But then he struck gold on call number five.

A guy named Matt picked up on the other end. Matt’s parents both died about 5 months ago from cancer. Now he’s burdened with trying to settle the probate.

The property has a run down home on 10 acres of land and is located about an hour away from Cole. And the property is loaded with junk. But that’s not the only thing there – there’s also a ton of opportunity.

Matt shared with Cole his frustrations of the probate process. He’s tired of having to take time off of work to deal with the probate. He’s so fed up, that he’s actually considering just letting the property go back to the bank and letting them deal with everything.

So now Cole is building up his buyer’s list. Through that process, he found out the local Amish and Mennonites are buying up real estate like there’s no tomorrow in that part of Wisconsin.

Will the probate niche work where you live? Like they say in Wisconsin – you betcha!

To your success,
Ernie “You Betcha” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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