June 19

Honey Dripping From the Walls

I hope all had a great Father’s Day weekend. For me Saturday turned into an adventure that I didn’t have on the itinerary.

I got a call on Friday evening right as I was closing down for the day that the property I had just picked up had an urgent matter I had to deal with immediately.

It turned out we had squatters – over 50,000 honey bees were living in the walls!

I don’t know too much about bees but I do know that there are generally three types of bee keepers.

The hobbyist
The part time bee keeper
The professional

I’ve dealt with major bee issues on properties in the past so I know better than to deal with anybody who is not a professional.

So I called Anthony, who is my go to bee removal expert. It turns out there was a four foot tall honeycomb in the wall! And to make matters worse, Anthony found a second honeycomb in a different wall. It turned into a five hour job, but for Anthony it was all fun!

It’s pretty cool when you find someone passionate about their work. Anthony is not only really good at what he does, you can sense the joy he finds in his work. Anthony can go on forever teaching me so much about bees and pollen and how they keep warm. Did you know that a pound of honey is made by 2 million flower visits?

At the end of the day, we all had a lot of fun learning about bees while making sure there aren’t any problems lurking behind the walls of this property for an unsuspecting buyer to have to deal with.

Anthony relocated all of those bees and honeycombs to a bee farm where they can carry on their busy work.

Now, Anthony could have just worked with all insects, but he decided to master the bee niche. And he’s earned my trust and business in the process. And he’s making way more money by focusing on a niche.

Don’t just be another real estate investor, broker, or agent. If you have a passion for helping people, master the probate niche. Hit me up when you’re ready.

To your success,
Ernie “Busy Bee” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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