October 2

13 Year Old Lead


I was in Tampa this past week. I’m part of a mastermind of some of the highest level real estate investors in America.

We meet every year in September. Last year I had to evacuate the city after just being there a day because of hurricane Ian.

This year there was no such threat so I snuck away to enjoy some quiet time on the beach.

Living in L.A., I can head to the beach whenever I want, but there’s something special about sitting on the beach in Tampa. I love the ocean. I can always find a moment of peace and reflection as I breathe in the fresh salt air and listen to the waves coming in.

As I sat there admiring the blue ocean that was in front of me, I got to thinking about the incredible abundance in the niche so near and dear to my heart – probate!

Blue ocean is the best way to describe probate. So much opportunity and so few honest and ethical real estate professionals to service them.

And as I sat there with these thoughts, my personal phone rang. There was a seller on the other end asking if I was still in the business of buying properties. I thought it might have been one of my friends pranking me. I rarely give out my personal cell number.

So I decided to play along with the prank and I said “Yes.”

As the conversation continued I realized this wasn’t a prank. This person shared with me how they had gone through probate 13 years ago and had kept my number this whole time.

When they had inherited this particular property, they decided to keep it as a rental and have a real estate agent manage the property for them. They’ve had the same tenant for the past 13 years, but the tenant has finally decided to move and they decided this would be a good time to sell.

The problem they have is they live in Massachusetts and the property is in Los Angeles. They don’t want to list it. They just want to sell it as is and cash out on the property.

This property is in a very good part of LA that commands the highest dollar and, interestingly, there is nobody else that they have made contact with. Lucky me!

The moral of the story is twofold. One – if you’re in the game long enough, these golden gooses show up in your life at the most interesting times. And two – being in the right headspace, thinking about opportunity and abundance, attracts opportunity.

I’m ready to follow up and put this property into escrow and do whatever the seller needs to help them get this property off their hands.

To your success,
Ernie “Blue Ocean” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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