October 4

He Showed Me His Buddy Box


My Probate Fox team and I were on a Zoom call yesterday with a sales trainer named Rich who I met up with in Tampa last week. Halfway into the call he stopped to ask one of my team members, Mark, what was on the shelf behind him. Mark works remotely out of his house in Wisconsin.

Mark and I both spent our adolescence growing up in the 80’s and we both love hanging on to those nostalgic memories. Mark has an old Mac Plus that he used to use as a kid on his bookshelf behind his desk.

In case you didn’t grow up in the 80s, the Mac Plus wasn’t the first computer Apple made, but it was the first one to make it big commercially.

When Rich realized what it was on Mark’s bookshelf, he couldn’t help but share the piece of nostalgia sitting on his shelf.

He had a “buddy box” that he used to use decades ago with his phone sales team. These devices allowed a coach or trainer to listen in on a sales call or conversation between a salesperson and a customer in real time. Rich said his buddy box had a 100 foot cord and he would listen to sales calls and run down the hall with the box glued to his ear to whisper in the trainee’s ear telling them what to say.

Modern technology has made these devices obsolete. But the connection that Rich and Mark now have is worth the weight of Mark’s dinosaur of a computer in gold. Rich is more than just a cog in the wheel. We are now trusted friends.

Making a personal connection with the seller is important. And with probate, it takes empathy and understanding. Knowing where they’re at emotionally and financially, having a knowledge of the problems they are facing, and knowing how to solve them is so powerful.

It’s easy to show up to buy the house they are inheriting for cash. Anyone can do that. Bandit signs, paid ads, set, driving for dollars, PPL, PPC, SMS, multiple marketing channels, A.I. – the list goes on. Anyone can use those tactics.

What’s missing today is the ability to connect with another human being – especially when the person you are talking with is going through a tough time. This is why probate is the most incredible niche to build your own real estate empire around.

To your success,
Ernie “Keeping It Personal” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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