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The Golden Rule of Regifting

At some point in our lives, we’ve all gotten gifts that we either didn’t want or had zero use for. To throw the gift away would be a waste. You could donate it to Good Will, but lately, it seems the more popular option is to “regift” it. To be honest, I don’t have a […]

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I See Dead People

There’s a trend in real estate to automate and outsource all of the marketing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been preaching for years to make sure you use your time efficiently. You need to focus your time on the things that you are specially equipped to do. The problem is all this automation and outsourcing has […]

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I’m Finally Back from Cleveland

Kathy and I just got back from Cleveland yesterday. What an amazing three days! I love getting together with other great marketers. There were incredibly successful entrepreneurs from all different types of businesses there with me. And I got to learn from the feet of the masters. Master copywriters and marketers Dan Kennedy and John […]

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Tales of the Hawaiian Rent-A-Dog [PART 2]

Last week I told you about my family’s trip to Hawaii where we gave the Hawaiian animal shelter our hard earned money to be a walking billboard. Here’s the crazy happily ever after ending to the story…The brilliant marketing minds at that animal shelter did their homework and created a collage of “FUREVER” homes and […]

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