November 8

Do They Love You This Much?


My youngest daughter Rebecca and her friend are serious Taylor Swift fans. Believe it or not, Taylor Swift can teach us a lesson about probate real estate.

She’s 15 so that means I’m still her personal chauffeur carting her and her friends between daily activities.

Honestly, it’s a lot of fun. We can’t go anywhere without blasting Taylor Swift and having an absolute party in the car. This is the one case where I don’t mind L.A. traffic – it just means we get to have more fun together in the car.

My wife Kathy is constantly laughing at me calling me a Swifty. I had to google it to see what she was calling me.

In case you don’t have a teenage daughter, I’ll fill you in. Swifties are the fandom of American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. Regarded by journalists as one of the largest and most devoted fanbases, Swifties are known for their high levels of participation, creativity and fanaticism.

I’m not so sure that I’m a Swifty, but I do love spending time laughing it up with my daughter. Rebecca said she’d love to go to a concert and since we missed the last one that came to Los Angeles, we are looking to see where her next performances are to see if there’s one that would make sense for us to go to. Her tour is currently mostly international so we’re scratching our head wondering if we should go to either Japan, Italy, or Wales.

So how does this all tie into probate? Why do people go so nuts over Taylor Swift? Her songs and interactions with fans have created a bond of trust turning them into raving fans.

You need to create these same kinds of raving fans in your business.

Attorneys are a great place to start. I teach my Probate Fox community how to create relationships with these attorneys, where these attorneys will serve you sellers delivered on a silver platter.

And don’t forget about creating raving fans with your sellers. The key is to focus on the experience from their perspective. In reality, we are all in the customer service business.

And this is something most other investors won’t take the time to get right. All they want to do is buy a house. But what does the seller really want? They have problems that they want solved. The sale of their property is only one part of the real solution they seek. And this is especially true in the probate niche.

Focus on seeing your customer’s journey through their eyes and raving fans you will have. The only question is what you will call them. I’d call mine “Ernies” but that’s kind of weird hahaha.

To your success,
Ernie “Making Ernies” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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