February 12

Selling Vacuums Door To Door

Back when I was a kid, things were way different than they are today. No cell phones, no internet, and door to door sales were a real thing back then.

I remember one time, a guy came to my house to try to sell my mom a vacuum that he said, “would revolutionize the way America vacuums their carpets!” I didn’t know jack about sales back then, but I could tell he was a pretty good salesman.

Instead of just telling my mom about the vacuum, he dumped sand, liquids, and I don’t know what else on our floors and vacuumed it all up. He didn’t just pitch, he demonstrated. And he must have been good, because my mom bought it for some insane price like a thousand dollars. And this was back in 1980. That amount of money was a fortune back then!

That incident taught me two things. First, it didn’t matter if I took my shoes off in the house because mom’s new vacuum could pick up anything. And second, sales is a transference of energy and belief.

There’s a common adage that “sales is the transfer of enthusiasm from one person to another.” That means that enthusiasm — for the product, brand, and even the rep themselves — is one of the most powerful tools a salesperson has in their belt.

Alex Hormozi says, “Selling is a transference of belief over a bridge of trust.”

That day, back when I was in elementary school, was so impactful for me because I experienced this transference in action first hand.

I quickly became the highest selling newspaper route boy in my neighborhood. In high school, I joined my first MLM and sold water filters door to door. When I first got started in real estate, my first move was a door to door forclosure rescue plan to people in default.

In probate, it’s no different. It’s people with a true need for the best probate professional in town. That could (and should) be you.

To your success,
Ernie “Dirty Carpet” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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