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Don’t Get High On Your Own Supply

I love just about everything from the 1980s. And at the top of that list are the movies from that decade. The movie Scarface is so good. While most people remember the line, “Say hello to my little friend”, one of my favorite lines is when Tony Montana is given the advice, “Don’t get high

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That Was Way Easier Than I Thought It Would Be…

Have you noticed that the older you get, the less time you seem to have? Looking back, it seems like when I was younger, I had all the time in the world. Now, every year older I get, I struggle more and more to balance everything I need to attend to. Have you experienced this

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The Easy Button

I told you earlier this week about my experience buying a new car. We’re loving our new Honda Pilot, but that meant we had to say goodbye to the Cadillac Escalade that has served us so well over the years. So when the time came to sell, I decided to check out CarMax. I wasn’t

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Take the Money and Run

Back a couple of years ago in 2021 I shared a story about a Danish artist who was commissioned by an art museum to recreate two of his earlier works. Instead of actually doing the work, Jens Haaning gave them two blank canvases and titled them “Take The Money And Run.” The museum didn’t take

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Passing the Torch

Yesterday I took two of my kids with me to look at some deals that are under contract. It was a pretty fun day. They’re always asking what I do all day at work so it was exciting to explain the business. Who knows, maybe they’ll follow in my footsteps someday. One big lesson they

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Please Take My Money

Financing can be one of the most difficult parts of real estate investing. What most people don’t realize is that they have direct access to millions in private money hiding within your probate records. This month I am moving over 2.1 million in probate and trust real estate from a combined listing, and wholesaling transactions.

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Musk’s Latest Fantastic Failure

Last week Elon Musk’s Space X launched the biggest, heaviest rocket that has ever taken flight. I love watching stuff like this – it allows my inner nerd to come out. The launch was immense and impressive. It had 33 Raptor engines pushing it to the sky, although a few of them were damaged during

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An Empty Stomach in a Soda Shop

There’s a mom-and-pop soda shop in Los Angeles called Galco’s Soda Pop Stop. You won’t find any Pepsi or Coke here. They have over 500 varieties of gourmet soda. And business is booming for them. I love visiting places like this – they take a commodity like soda and transform it into an experience. In

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He Ran Out of Gas During His Driving Test at the DMV

Yesterday I took my son, Ernie Jr., to the DMV so he could take his driver’s test. I don’t know how it works where you are, but here in L.A., we had to wait in our car in a long line of cars for Ernie’s turn to take the test. As we were waiting, a

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Prohibition at the World Cup

The world’s biggest sports tournament started yesterday. If you’re not a soccer fan, the World Cup tournament happens once every 4 years. The last tournament took place in Russia in 2018. This year’s tournament is taking place in the middle eastern country of Qatar. The biggest news to come out of the tournament’s start yesterday

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Dirty Lawyers

Thursdays are a busy day for me. In addition to doing my free Probate Essentials Q&A call, I also do a weekly coaching call with my Probate Growth Accelerator group. I love doing that coaching call because I get to work with some super smart, savvy, and motivated investors, brokers, and agents. And I love

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The Five Love Languages of Real Estate

On Wednesday, I told you about how knowing the local language helped me close a deal because I spoke the language of the locals. No, it wasn’t because I knew Spanish (which I do) or some other foreign language. Have you ever read the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman? It’s a great

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