October 13

Take the Money and Run


Back a couple of years ago in 2021 I shared a story about a Danish artist who was commissioned by an art museum to recreate two of his earlier works. Instead of actually doing the work, Jens Haaning gave them two blank canvases and titled them “Take The Money And Run.”

The museum didn’t take kindly to this theft – a Danish court ruled last week that Jens has to repay 492,549 kroner ($69,894) to Kunsten Museum in Aalborg for having violated his contract.

Seems like a pretty clean cut case, but Jens is appealing the ruling.

First off, I’m not a huge fan of modern art. How a rotting banana duck taped to a wall can sell for 120 grand is beyond me. Art is supposed to be a reflection of God’s beauty. But I digress.

I’m guessing Jens hasn’t had much work in the art world since his little stunt two years ago. Who’s going to trust a guy who blatantly puts his own interests in front of his clients?

But this self serving attitude of Jens Haaning doesn’t just affect the art world. Most investors who try to work probate have this same attitude while working with probate sellers. This may work for ordinary real estate leads, but not for probate.

Selling the house they are inheriting is just one small part of a bigger problem they have. And they usually can’t sell until they untangle and fix all of those other probate problems.

This is what makes probate a real “blue ocean” niche. Almost nobody is showing up with empathy looking to help them solve their problems first. All they want to do is use the same cliche strategies that every other investor is using. Oh you can buy for cash fast? So can just about every other investor showing up at their door. But they have bigger fish to fry first.

If you want to cash in on real estate’s most profitable niche, don’t be a Jens. Show up with empathy and a desire to serve first. Helping others first in this niche is the quickest path to creating the incredible wealth and freedom success in real estate can provide, but very few investors realize.

To your success,
Ernie “Art Critic” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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