October 11

Where the Ladies At?


I got an email yesterday from one of the members of my Probate Fox mastermind community. Her name is Gabby and she shared her notes from our meeting last week.

Gabby is crushing it not because she has an innate ability to sell or stay motivated. Her success lies in her ability to identify her weaknesses and learn from others to overcome them.

She has come such a long way since joining our community. And in a niche that is generally dominated by men, she has accomplished so much. In fact, she is quickly surpassing most of the men I know in this niche.

Gabby was facing two problems. First, she was struggling with “Imposter Syndrome.” She felt that since she wasn’t a probate expert she wasn’t worthy of trying to help these families find the solutions they need.

She’s finally realizing that aligning with people who know what she doesn’t makes her an expert by association. The most important thing she brings to the table is her heart and an honest desire to help these people stuck in probate.

Her second problem was partially a product of the first. She just wasn’t converting enough leads into deals. Approaching each seller with an attitude of gratitude has made a big difference. But she’s tackled this problem by taking her follow through to the next level.

A friend of mine, Nicholas Nick, joined our mastermind last week to share some of his real estate wisdom. One thing he said that really stood out is to work a deal as far as it will go. I’ve been teaching this for years and it is so true.

Most people are too quick to let go of a prospect when, in fact, the real magic happens when you push just a little further.

Gabby has taken this strategy to heart. She has taken this “do whatever it takes” attitude to heart. She’s gone from being quick to give up to going to an all-male prison to negotiate and get a deal closed.

Another powerful aspect of this principle is not giving up on the phone when someone says no. Don’t be too quick to hang up just because they say they’re not interested.

They have a house they need to sell and you want to buy a house. Get them to stay on the phone and further the conversation. Find a way to break the ice and keep the conversation going. Before you know it you’ll be buying that house!

To your success,
Ernie “In It For The Long Haul” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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