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One Man’s Trash

Every probate property has personal contents that are left behind. Did you know that under the probate legal process, these items along with real estate are technically considered property? The difference is that one is categorized as real property “real“ for real estate. And the other is categorized as personal property. Yes, our job as real […]

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How Did You Get Out of Bed this Morning?

Well, Ernie Jr. and I have arrived here at the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico and we’re getting ready to embark on this 80-mile epic journey as father and son. Like I said before, it’s not just the miles, it’s also the elevation gains/losses and hiking with a 50-pound pack on my back (I’m […]

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Heir to a Maui Sugar Plantation

I just recently returned from Maui, Hawaii and therefore the reason why you have not heard from me in the last two weeks. Maui is truly beautiful. And the weather was just perfect but did you know that the residents of the Hawaiian islands have their own set of inheritance, probate, and trust problems. Many […]

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