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A Mouse Riding a Cat Riding a Dog In Florida

Well, I’m in Orlando waiting to board my plane so I can escape Hurricane Ian here in Florida. They are shutting the entire airport down in a couple of hours, but luckily, my plane will be taking off in about 15 minutes. Thank God! But getting out of Florida hasn’t been easy. Trying to coordinate

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Dirty Lawyers

Thursdays are a busy day for me. In addition to doing my free Probate Essentials Q&A call, I also do a weekly coaching call with my Probate Growth Accelerator group. I love doing that coaching call because I get to work with some super smart, savvy, and motivated investors, brokers, and agents. And I love

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The Real Reason Why Everyone Isn’t Working Probate Real Estate

Money. Success. Travel. Family. Freedom. Everyone has their own reasons for getting into real estate. Whatever they are, achieving those goals always looks easier on paper. When you actually get your hands dirty and try to make those dreams a reality, there are a million things that can get in your way. The quickest way

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They Raided Trump. Are You Next?

We live in a very weird world right now. I’m sure you heard about Trump’s mansion in Florida getting raided by the FBI. And everyone, including President Biden, claimed they didn’t know it was gonna happen. Whether or not you believe that it should scare you. Government agencies seem to be drunk on power running

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Raden’s Probate Hell

Sadly, the Vargas family’s Italian vacation is coming to a close. We fly out today to head back home. We’ve all made memories I’m sure we will keep forever. But, I am looking forward to getting back to work. To be honest, I have been doing a bit of work while on the road. I’ve

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Oh Boy! An Inherited House With a Home Equity Loan

I just got off the phone with a woman who inherited a house that has a home equity loan. Her name is Olivia and when she first contacted me she was confused, lost, and in total despair. This property not only has a first lien mortgage, but it also had a home equity line, and

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Ancient Roman Artifact From a Probate Property

I read a story earlier this week about a Texas woman who found a 2000-year-old bust of ancient Roman commander Drusus Germanicus. She picked it up at a Goodwill for $34.99 and didn’t even know what she had until two years of digging turned up some interesting facts. Apparently, the bust once resided inside a

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The World’s Oldest Pair of Levi Jeans

I read an article this morning about a 3,200 year old Chinese mummy that was found with pants on. Well, not just pants. It was a woman buried in a poncho, soft leather boots, a headband decorated with bronze discs and seashells, and the earliest known pair of jeans. I’m a bit of a nerd

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My Probate Student Spotted This Lawyer’s Shenanigans From a Mile Away

My probate student spotted this lawyer’s shenanigans from a mile away Last week one of my students sent me this email about a probate property he is working on:—-Hi, Ernie.I have a probate property and I suspect there are some shenanigans going on. In December, I received a lead from a woman that is set to

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Are You a Probate Ewok or a Wookie?

It was a bit of a proud parent day. My oldest daughter Christina bought our entire family tickets to go to Disneyland. She recently graduated college and though she does work she doesn’t yet have a lot of money.  We all love Disney so it meant a lot to her for us all to spend

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Be a Thermostat, Not a Thermometer

Have you ever walked into an appointment and the room had a distinct negative vibe? I’m not talking about new age voodoo or anything like that. I’m talking about meeting with a seller who seems to be in a negative funk. Most investors chalk it up to bad luck and move on. There’s a way

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