November 1

Get To the Point


You know, the probate niche just isn’t for everyone.

I got a response from a guy names David from Monday’s email that I guess didn’t surprise me. Here’s what he sent:

“What’s your point and please get to your main point within 2 or 3 lines of your email”

Now to be fair, he might have been in a hurry or just didn’t want to take the time to read my entire story. But people like this are usually always in a hurry and that doesn’t bode well for the probate niche.

I like to teach with stories, taking my time to make my point so you can fully understand the nuance of how to successfully work this niche.

It’s the same approach I take when talking with probate sellers. It’s important to be there for them and meet them where they’re at.

Don’t just try to skip to the front of the line and buy their house. That’s a recipe for failure in this niche.

Is there a place for people like David in real estate? Absolutely, just not in this particular niche. They can compete with all the other “ordinary investors” in that crowded market while we take our time to nurture our probate sellers securing incredibly profitable deals in a market with virtually no competition. And as a bonus, you get to help families who desperately need you.

So why is there so little competition in probate? Most people want the easy button. They’re not willing to use the little grey cells between their ears to work this niche effectively.

I’m not here to build a massive community. I’m here to build an empathetic, caring community of investors who are willing to take the time and genuinely want to help these families in need.

This is why I encourage people like David to unsubscribe from my list. In fact, if I didn’t do this I would be doing him a disservice. In my opinion, his time and efforts will be wasted trying to learn this niche.

But if you think you have the character and fortitude to master this niche, you’re in for a wild (and profitable) ride!

To your success,
Ernie “Slow Down” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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