June 28

What the Heck Is Wrong with Canada?


Have you heard about the Canadian wildfires that are wreaking havoc across the midwest and east coast? If you live in a state that has been affected by this disaster, I know you know.

The smoke from these fires, which have consumed almost 20 million acres of forests and continue to grow, has been drifting down into the United States for weeks now. One member of our Probate Fox team lives in Wisconsin and he told me his asthma has been horrible because of the smoke.

People at risk are being told to stay indoors and limit their outside exposure. In all, almost a quarter of the population of the United States has been affected.

And what’s even crazier is that the smoke has made its way across the Atlantic Ocean and is now hitting Western Europe!

Living in southern California, I had no idea things were so bad. The wind blows away from us so we are completely unaffected.

It seems like whenever the government gets involved, they tend to make things way worse. There has been a political push to preserve forests, but the lack of proper forest management turns them into volatile tinderboxes.

But I’m preaching to the choir here. It seems like our own government is working overtime to feed inflation, crush us with taxes, over-regulate, overspend, and make society dependent upon it for everything.

So what can you do when the government screws things up this bad? In the case of the wildfires, all you can really do is hunker down and wait it out.

But when it comes to real estate, hunkering down will leave you broke having to go back to the daily grind of a W2 job.

The best way to make sure your real estate business can survive anything and everything thrown at it is to pick a niche and dominate that niche.

And you won’t find a niche that is more underserved and ripe with opportunity than the probate niche.

To your success,
Ernie “Smokey The Bear” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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