June 30

A Million Pennies

It’s crazy what some people find hidden in houses. Over the years I’ve discovered some pretty crazy stuff. My friends say that my probate stories are the stuff of legend.

But some stories, while not as exciting, have meaning beyond the dollar value.

I stumbled upon a news story this week about a family who found over a million pennies in a relative’s home. And these weren’t just regular pennies. They were vintage copper pennies hoarded away by their eccentric grandpa Fritz.

I had to smile while reading this article because it reminded me of the time I found a collection of vintage Japanese coins in a probate house I had acquired.

How much were the coins worth? I honestly don’t know because my son, Ernie, was infatuated with Japanese culture so I gave them to him as a gift.

One of his favorite coins was minted in 1776. It’s kinda crazy to hold something exotic in your hand that was made the same year our great country declared our independence.

Oh, the stories those coins would tell if they could!

Sure, I love working probate because the leads are so much fatter than ordinary real estate deals….

But finding treasures like this is definitely a huge benefit. And it happens all the time in probate.

To your success,
Ernie “Lucky Penny” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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