October 6

Cruisin’ Along at 200mph


I run a mastermind for the Probate Fox family. Most of our meetings are virtually over zoom. But twice during the year we get together for two days to meet in person.

Yesterday was day one and we used the time to catch up on what everyone was working on and to bond.

For lunch we headed out to Pasadena’s finest churrascaria.

And then we did some thing that got our hearts pumping. We did the Porsche experience. There are only two of these in all of the US. One is in Atlanta, and the other is right here in Los Angeles.

When I told the group what were going to do, they were so excited. You know that sparkle people get in their eyes when something amazing happens to them? That’s what I saw in everyone’s eyes.

Everyone loved it. We each got paired with a professional driver who took us from zero to 60 in what seemed like the blink of an eye. And then before we knew it we were going over 200 miles an hour. They didn’t hold back – they went all out for us and it was amazing.

Oh, that was great, but there is an additional thing that I want to share with you which was the simulation room.

As fun as that was, what I found really interesting was the driving simulators. It looks like an arcade game, but professioanal race car drivers put some serious hours in on these machines honing their skills. The better they perform on the simulators directly relates to their actual performance on the track.

It’s a major tool that allows them to stay on top of their game.

Plus, it is much better to make all of your mistakes on the simulator where you’re not burning gas, wearing down tires, or hitting actual walls with cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. And on top of that, coaches are right there next to them giving them feed back in real time. Learning to avoid those mistakes in the simulator makes their chances of success on the track so much higher.

Think about how that compares to our real estate business and how we can create our own simulator. With my mastermind group, we’ve spent time role-playing and dissecting books that sharpen our communication skills and strengthen self-confidence. My Probate Fox community members take those skills into the real world where they engage with sellers out in the field and on the phone.

Back at the Porsche experience, one of the racing coaches told me how the drivers continually come back to the simulator to hone their skills. Isn’t it crazy how this same approach applies directly to real estate – and especially probate real estate?!?

Learning something out of a book or from the school of hard knocks is fine. But I guarantee you’ll find success a lot faster and with a lot fewer costly mistakes if you find the right coach.

To your success,
Ernie “Need For Speed” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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