March 17

Cadillac Concierge

In a competitive market you must always think about how you can serve your clients in the best manner possible.

There’s a Cadillac dealer near me who blew me away the other day.

They will go right to your house or business and actually pick your vehicle up, service it, and drop it back off when they are done. And the additional cost for this concierge service is only $50!
The time and hassle saved by having them pick up the car is worth way more than the 50 bucks they charge.

Sure, you can take your vehicle to any of the hundreds of shops around, but when someone caters to your specific needs then the choice is narrowed down to one.

In real estate we have to think in the same way.

Get to know you’re sellers. Find out what they really need. What’s troubling them? 

Work on methods to solve their problems.
For example, one of my sellers once said they needed to fly in from out of town and get to the property quickly and then back to the airport to fly back home all on the same day. 

I immediately mobilized my team. We picked them up from the airport, stayed with them at the house helping them sort through the items they needed, and drove them back to the airport. 

With many buyers, just by knocking on their door we were the only choice in their eyes. It had nothing to do with paying the highest dollar figure, but everything to do with delivering a specific service catered to their specific needs.
Committed to your success,
Ernie “Your Real Estate Concierge” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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