January 17

LAUSD Teachers Are On Strike But…


Did you know the Los Angeles Unified School District has been on strike since Monday, January 14, 2019? That’s 30,000 teachers!

Teachers basically need a higher pay.

There are also government employees not receiving pay due to the government shut downs.

Early on I decided not to depend on anybody else to provide my paycheck which is why I turned to real estate.

I’d like to share with you a video I made on how school teachers can make it in this business too. It’s about a retired school teacher that made it despite her children telling her to give it up.

To your success,

Ernie “I Support Teachers” Vargas

P.S. For those of you that were on the call this morning for the Masterclass, the call has been uploaded under January 2019. Some great content on letters-when to send and on making calls.


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