October 21

Finding Leads in the Obituaries

This past week one of the members of our Probate Real Estate Mastery Facebook group asked about searching the obituaries for probate leads.

This is a question that requires a thorough answer so I decided to kick off Thursday’s free Probate Essentials Q&A call by digging into this question.

I know if one person asks a question, there are usually a lot more people with the same question knocking around in their heads. So I’ll give you a quick summary of my answer.

The first thing is understanding the difference between what an obituary is and what its purpose is and how it differs from probate filing.

The second thing to understand is where a potential heir is in their timeline to have the ability and authority and desire to sell a property.

The third thing is to understand the mindset, emotional and psychological position that person finds themself in.

With a probate, you must understand the same exact things.

Having said that they can both be excellent leads. What you need to understand is where each type of lead is both mentally and emotionally.

In addition to teaching people how to work both probate and pre-probate, we also sell probate and pre-probate leads.

Every now and again I get asked if I have a personal preference between the two. They are both great leads and a fortune can be made from each, but in all honesty, my personal preference is probate.

Once the probate has been filed, people are much more willing to talk about their options and are ready to take action. I typically find myself having conversations that lead directly to solving that person‘s problems.

To your success,
Ernie “Q&A” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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