October 19

Why Would Someone Make a Life-Size Han Solo Out of Bread?


Growing up in the 80s, I couldn’t help but be a huge Star Wars fan. The story of a fledgling republic fighting against the tyrannical empire captivated me. The groundbreaking special effects amazed me.

The ensuing decades and questionable prequels and sequels haven’t dampened my enthusiasm.

Then I heard about two bakers in Benicia, California who were creating a replica of Han Solo from the scene in The Empire Strikes Back when he got frozen in carbonite out of bread. They’re calling it “Pan Solo.”

That’s seriously how they spend their free time? Making edible Star Wars replicas? That’s so awesome!

I can appreciate their passion. And it’s not just about Star Wars. It’s about having a passion for their profession too.

Twenty-some years ago when I stumbled upon probate, nobody in the real estate space knew what it was, how to find leads, or how to help the sellers. Probate quickly became my passion.

There were so many families stuck in probate and there were literally zero real estate professionals out there who could help them.

Back then I had more time than money and there were no companies that sold probate leads so I had to find them myself. Kathy was working at the time so I brought my two-year-old daughter, Christina, with me to the courts. It was me with my briefcase and little Christina with her coloring books and crayons. We became a regular fixture at the nine probate courts in L.A. county.

I was hungry for success and you do whatever it takes! Bringing Christina turned out to be an asset because the court clerks love seeing her smile so they would give us special treatment.

My passion helped me figure out how to research the leads. Now I had to figure out how to approach the sellers. Luckily God has blessed me with a lot of empathy so I was able to figure out how to talk to sellers and solve their problems through conversation.

I quickly realized my time was better spent talking to sellers so I formed a team of researchers to go into the courts for me so I could make the best use of my time.

Fast forward to 2022. I’m still working probate, I’m helping other investors, brokers, and agents fulfill their passion of helping others through probate, and I am the longest-running probate leads provider in the country.

To your success,
Ernie “Courts and Crayons” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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