March 27

Can You Generate Deals If You Are New, or Have no Experience?

I would like to share two simple videos that I put up on the YouTube channel.

They are from a young man who just joined my real estate company and he has been given the role of prospecting via the telephone.

He has absolutely no experience in…

  • probate,
  • real estate, or in…
  • reaching out to a seller via the telephone.

What he does have is a heart for a better future and he has chosen real estate as the vehicle to make that happen with.

In my company, he has been trained on the basics of probate and how to hold a conversation with an executor and administrator.

We are taking it step-by-step as by no means do you have to have all of your ducks in a row before you get going.

This is an important lesson because just like I’ve been able to train him; I’ve been able to train many of my students and I never hold anything back.

I genuinely want every single one of you to succeed in this real estate business.

To your success,

Ernie “Creating My Own Luck” Vargas


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