March 22

Forget About Real Estate Best Practices

Yesterday I got the privilege of being in a private session with Billionaire Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments whose company is worth 108 billion dollars.

He talked about what took his business to the next level.

Many companies do what’s called “Best Practice in Business”

In his experience, “best practices” can get you to a B- company at most.

But if you want to get to an A level you have to do what he called the “Never Done Yet Practice”.

So when it comes to our real estate industry, don’t do what everyone else does and think it’s good enough “best practice” but rather go over and beyond when you’re serving your clients.

In other words, what is not a common practice.

I had a seller from out of state flying in whom was not familiar with our city and did not have any family or friends to support her.

So what I did is I had someone in my company pick her up from the airport and personally chauffeur her around as she needed to deal with the probate paperwork and the house.

As soon as she was ready to go, I had her taken back to the airport.

She and her attorney were amazed, as this has never been done before.

-Think in those terms and serve your clients with an A practice mentality.

Ernie “A Class” Vargas

P.S. I’m having lunch with a few friends from my mastermind group and Alan Mulally, former CEO of Ford tomorrow. I’ll share a picture on instagram and facebook.


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