January 26

22 Month Old With a Shopping Addiction


I just read a funny story this morning that was too good not to pass on.

The Kumar family in New Jersey was looking to order a couple of chairs online from Walmart. They were searching online on their phone and had picked a bunch out that they liked but ran out of time to finish the order so they left them all in the cart on their phone.

The phone was left on the table for the afternoon which ended up being a big mistake. Their 22 month old toddler, Ayaansh, got a hold of the phone and placed an order for over $1,700 worth of stuff.
Day after day the boxes kept coming and now they’ve run out of room and have nowhere to put all of the stuff!

So what’s the lesson to learn from all of this?

Remember to take some time out of your day to laugh. Instead of being angry about the mixup, Ayaansh’s parents laughed about it.

I’m sure they’ll end up returning a bunch of the stuff for a refund or give it away to friends for fun.

But it made them laugh and that’s important. Life’s best memories usually don’t come from the perfect vacation, they come from the mixups that throw us for a loop.

Find time to laugh, often. It makes life a lot more fun.

Committed to your success,
Ernie “Gotta Update My Phone’s Passcode” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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