May 26

It’s Up To You


So many people enjoy this long weekend without giving any thought as to what the holiday of Memorial Day is really about.

If you have served our country to protect and preserve our freedom, or have lost a loved one who gave the ultimate sacrifice, thank you.

If you haven’t served our country, please pray for both the brave men and women who serve today and those who have passed in service to our country.

And pray not only for the preservation of our freedom and way of life from without but also from within. Every day it seems that our liberties are slowly being forfeited in exchange for a false sense of security. And our rugged individualism is being criminalized while entitlement and depraved decadence are slowly becoming favored ideals.

One way to join the battle for America’s future is to educate our youth about what it really means to be a successful and productive member of American society. Find an opportunity to share your values and ideals with our youth. The battle for America’s soul is far from finished and you’ve just been enlisted.

To your success,
Ernie “Joining The Fight” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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