.Probate Profits.

I remember once reading a probate profits article by Jim Rohn entitled “Profits Are Better Than Wages” and to me that was dead on right.  He talked about how wages will make you a living but how probate profits can make you a fortune.  And instantly it came to me that as real estate investors our fortune is found in probate profits.

What a powerful statement! Because to most people that are working for a wage or a salary, eventually it gets old.  I mean sure we need and want the money that we have earned by trading our hours for dollars.  And yes, there is a lot of honor in being responsible to yourself, your community, and your loved ones by working hard and putting food on the table.  But work doesn’t have to be hard nor should you have to have displeasure in waking up every day to obtain that all mighty dollar.  I really don’t know where you, the reader, are at in your life and in your career but I do know that irregardless of your age, finances, education, background, or anything you can think of… you do deserve the best that life can offer and you can obtain your  fair share of your very own probate profits.

I actually believe that it’s your obligation to live up to your potential.  And why not?

Just remember that old saying, “If you think you can, you’re right or if you think you can’t, you’re also right” . In other words the choice is yours.

 Find Out More About Probate Profits

Investing through real estate and probate profits for the purpose of profits is proven to be a vehicle with a great track record for so many people.  Just look at world history, look at our countries history, look at your state or cities most successful and affluent residents.  Anywhere I go, I hear real estate success story after more real estate success story.  I was in Ohio and remember meeting a very well-off elderly man who made all of the right moves, at the right time, and that was to buy up as much real estate, as possible.  His strategy was to buy as many homes as he could and rent them out so that the tenants would one day pay off the mortgage.  One of his most lucrative but yet unknown probate profits strategies to the general public was to buy from motivated sellers who inherited property.  This is what he referred to as probate profits.

Here in my own backyard, Los Angeles, California; I have been able to provide a happy, healthy, and abundant lifestyle to my family by applying the probate profits versus wages philosophy.  And please don’t take my word for it but rather look at the results in people’s lives that we all know about.

Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, when he came to this country he bought real estate in Venice Beach, California which resulted in extreme financial security.  Then there’s Bob Hope who purchased real estate throughout Los Angeles County and Palm Springs and held it until the appreciation was ripe for selling. And those are celebrities but every day we are surrounded by everyday Americans from different backgrounds who have made a pro-active financial move to invest their time in pursuing real estate profits so that they don’t get stuck with wages for the rest of their life.

I have had the great honor of meeting, working with, and teaching real estate investing to young, old, male, female, working-class, middle-class, college educated, and even high school dropout, well hopefully you get the picture… and it’s amazing to see the inspiration in so many different peoples’ eyes when they are working for their entrepreneurial business which in our case is probate profits.

Treat your business like a business and it will pay you like a business, treat your business like a hobby and it will cost you like a hobby.


That’s a saying that really stuck with me from the MLM world and yet it also applies to our real estate world as well.

I have seen so many new investors come into the real estate business and fail miserably.  Not because they are incapable or dumb but most times because they fail to treat their business with organization, time management, systems, and discipline.  A second reason would be that most investors are following the masses or a flooded strategy instead of going in an opposite direction like probate profits where the road is wide open and profits truly are abundantly waiting.  So then naturally there is a mind shift when working a real estate strategy that does bring results such as the much talked about probate profits.

Probate Profits Business Equals Many Money Making Opportunities for Probate Profits

Probate Profits #1- Real Estate

Buy directly from the heirs or from a court ordered auction.

Probate Profits #2- Personal Property

Buy the contents of the estate as a packaged deal when you by the house or buy from your local counties’ personal property auction and pick up cars, tools, furniture, etc. (We show you where and how)

Probate Profits #3- Estate Liquidation

Learn to form an alliance with your local liquidators and if none are available, you can add that role to your probate profit generating business.

Probate Profits #4- Probate Attorney

Become the inside man or woman to your local probate and estate planning attorneys where you can be the out on the field person and in turn you can be the much needed buyer for all of the probate, trust, conservatorship, fixer uppers.

The sky’s the limit to generating profits within your local probate profits niche.