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I don’t know if it’s the fact that I live in one of the most populated cities in the nation or maybe it’s just pure luck or even coincidence, but I have been fortunate to be surrounded by serious heavy-hitter real estate investors from the very first moment I entered the game. 

Take note that the biggest asset I brought to the table was not education, resources, money, or experience.  In fact, I had none of those.  What I did have was a true hunger for financial wealth and time freedom.   I had such a strong desire to live the life I knew I could and was know determined to find it somewhere, somehow.  And I was looking!

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

The teacher came in the form of my first real estate seminar.  I was mesmerized to hear this man  talk about how we can live the life we want and better yet he talked about various ways to do it.  The money making vehicle that grabbed my attention was real estate.  I had no knowledge of real estate but I just knew that enrolling in a probate real estate course was exactly what I needed to do.  All of that  probate real estate course education was fantastic and I can honestly tell you that for me I have learned at least one thing from every probate real estate course.  But the real thing that makes a difference, I learned by first-hand experience is to go out on the field and just do it.  Of course, knowing what the heck your doing, and when and how to do it; in our business is also a must which is why it’s of utmost importance that you begin  your study in the right real estate probate real estate course, and then immediately take action on it. 

I was speaking with a student because it had been three months since he took the probate real estate course, and he still had not closed on his first house.  I explained to him that based on my experience, it is my opinion that everyone is different and everyone has their own timeline based on that person’s specific knowledge, experience, resources, skills, and self confidence.  I believe there’s no such thing as overnight success.  Every win in life is a result of a seed that was planted at some point, somewhere in their past (I will explain more in a little bit).  And in probate real estate it’s more than just taking the right probate real estate course.  You must:


Find, buy, study, absorb, eat, breath, sleep your probate real estate course.


Be a green pea (In car sales, I learned that the new guy or gal in the car business who knew nothing better than to follow directions, always outsold by a long shot, the seasoned and experienced know-it-all salesman). So what does that mean for you, be a student, be a coachable student in a probate real estate course.

Have a game plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Set specific, realistic, and attainable goals. Our probate real estate course will show you how to succeed.

Commit on paper your goals.  In other words, right them down. Give them deadlines on your calendar. Our probate real estate course will give you the direction you need.

Download the free Probate Fox commitment form here, sign it, and store it, share it with a family member or friend,  or send it over to us and we will store it for you for free whether you buy our probate real estate course or not. This is your way of putting your word on paper that you will not give up when the going gets tough and that you will give it your best and commit at least ten months to a year to your probate real estate course.

Implement what you have learned.  Take massive action. Don’t be afraid. Tighten up your mental stamina.  Believe in yourself and go for it. Our probate real estate course will give you the confidence you need.

Surround yourself with like minded people. As your out on the field, you might find yourself in self-doubt if you are not seeing progress as fast as you want it to come.  Therefore, it is important that you fill your mind with constant encouragement (self help and personal growth books and/or audios). And that you surround yourself with a group of fellow entrepreneurs so that it can allow you all to have a support group that reminds and reaffirms you are indeed on the right track especially when there are hurtles in the road.  This is where a mastermind will be of tremendous benefit.

Our Probate Real Estate Course Teaches You All You Need To Know!

As I mentioned earlier, a person’s success today is the result of the seed planted yesterday.  Everything we do to help move us forward in the present moment will help us attain the desired result at a later date.  Sometimes it comes quick, but sometimes (And this also applies to your probate endeavors) it takes way longer than you expected.  Your probate real estate course is one of the most important components that will help you shortcut your learning curve and kick start your business. But the other very important element that you are bringing to the table is YOU.  I don’t know where ”you” are in your life and in your real estate career but look at this analogy of how you can look at your probate investing business.


It’s like a young and newly planted tree.  If you were to plant a tree today there are a few steps to take like finding a tree that best suits your purpose and considering your location.   Then it’s time to dig the hole, plant the tree, spreading the roots, watering, fertilizing, maybe even installing support poles.  Then there’s the constant nurturing and as the months go by, the roots can spread and find their place.  The more time that passes, the stronger the tree becomes, the healthier it gets, the more the branches expand, the taller it becomes, and at last, it serves its purpose and delivers you fruit, shade, and beauty.  The point here is that everything takes time and therefore, you need to practice patience.  It’s also a question of how mature the tree is.  Is it a tree planted from a seed? Is it a young six inch tree or is it a tree that was planted a few years ago and is now ready to be transferred to the ground.  Any of those trees will grow and bear fruit in their own time.  The difference and advantage with you is that you have a choice on how fast you can “mature” by controlling your mind from negativity, sharpening your sales and closing skills through reading and practice, building up your self-confidence, by believing and having faith in yourself (For me, having a foundational faith in God builds up my faith in my results). There is plenty of opportunity here in my probate community, as well, as in yours for all of us. 

Our Probate Real Estate Course Will Have You Prepared In No Time

My probate real estate course has helped other individuals and can help you as long as you commit to the things we discussed. 

The probate real estate course entitled Probate Fox is the course we offer and I am very proud of it because it is a program that has helped students to go from knowing absolutely nothing at all about probate and it’s opportunities to becoming an astute and savvy probate property buyer.  But best of all, I stand tall and proud to know that these students have generated profits and money in their bank accounts.  It’s awesome to contribute to people’s financial success. I know you will benefit from my probate real estate course.

I recognize that there are other real probate real estate courses and that I’m not the oldest kid or course on the block.  I suggest that if you are truly serious about becoming a top dog in this industry, that you then do your due diligence and explore what is out there in education on this niche.  Google terms around probate investing and probate courses and other similar phrases and you should be able to come up with a good group of websites and home study programs and maybe even live seminars.  I would suggest that you thoroughly read through their informative section of their webpage, generate questions and jot them down. 

I would then call or email the probate real estate course teacher and/ or company and ask to go over your questions.  It’s especially important to ask how they can provide ongoing help because taking the probate real estate course at home or even in person is one thing, but the “Needing help” part really starts to come in once you are out on the field.

Your probate real estate course should be taught to you by someone who actually knows the business and is in the business.  I know that sounds like common sense but you’d be surprised by how many of the so-called experts are just polished speakers and talented marketers that know how to create probate real estate course and then sell them to a market in need of them.  At Probate Fox, we’ve been in the business long enough to have experienced profits in probate real estate investing, in a good and bad market. But in addition, I have personally known what it’s like to start with nothing and build a good life for myself.  To top it off, I also know what it’s like to make real life mistakes.  I know what it’s like to lose money-IT SUCKS!  I know what it’s like to enter into a bad deal. And I know what it’s like to not give up, get myself back up and go at it again.  One of the many things I love about real estate is that if you don’t give up on real estate, then real estate won’t give up on you either.  I have over ten years under my belt, in good markets, bad markets, list-building, wholesaling, retailing, profiting, and even losing and learning from my mistakes so that I can share those experiences with my students.  I have to be honest with you, I personally love all aspects of real estate investing and at the same time the one niche that holds that special soft spot for me is naturally probate. 

Not to brag, well maybe I’ll boast a little but for some reason or other probate real estate course students eventually seem to come to me and end up taking my probate real estate course.  They’re biggest reason for seeking Probate Fox out is that many of these other classes just don’t deliver in their probate real estate course.  They are not there for their students’ questions and needs with probate.  Plus I have been told that some instructors in other probate real estate courses are not actually doers.  Uh-Oh.  In any case, do your own research, call us and if you are one of the many students that is ready to go to what many students refer to as “The Graduating Class” (Probate Fox) then our doors are wide open for you.  Get your free video probate investing report by entering your name and email and get more information on our probate real estate course.

 God Bless.

To your real estate investing and probate success,                            

Ernie Vargas



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