August 14

They Are Going To Need Our Help


We live at an amazing time in history. The technological and medical advancements that we get to enjoy make life so much easier than it was years past.

But in spite of all of our computers, robots, and AI, there are forces at work in the world that we just cannot escape. Mother nature is definitely one of them.

If you’ve been watching the news lately, I’m sure you’ve seen the fiery devastation that has descended upon the western side of the island of Maui. So far 96 people have sadly perished in the wildfires.

Winds from a distant hurricane have fueled the flames while island emergency systems have failed to alert residents as danger approached their communities. Many of the residents were able to escape the flames just in the nick of time by wading into the ocean.

I love Hawaii and the people there. 25 years ago after I cleared 6 figures on my very first flip, I took my entire family (and some friends too) to Hawaii. That was my first time there. Since then I’ve been back many times.

I adopted my dog Kalea on a trip to the islands.

The spirit of Aloha is in my heart so deep because of my strong love for the people there. Throughout my travels, I have made lifelong friends with people from the islands.

Lahaina has been hit particularly hard and I know that area well and even spent some solid time in the old probate court there.

But they, like the rest of us fellow Americans, are resilient people. Life knocks you down and you can choose to either stay down or pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

Sure they will need help to get their lives put back together, but that’s what we do – we all help each other out. Besides financially, one of the best ways we can help them at this moment is to get on our knees and pray for their health and safety.

To your success,
Ernie “Praying for Ohana” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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