October 20

Are Your Christmas Decorations Up Yet? Mine Are


Halloween is less than two weeks away and that’s why we spent the day yesterday decorating our house here in Los Angeles.

Well, it’s not exactly what everyone on our block expected.

We were putting up Christmas decorations yesterday!

There are three reasons we chose to spend yesterday getting ready for Christmas.

FIRST – my family absolutely LOVES Christmas!

SECOND – over the years Halloween has been twisted from All Hallow’s Eve into a celebration of gore and an excess of gruesome decorations.

THIRD (and most importantly) – I live my life as a contrarian. When people zig, I tend to zag. If everyone is going to the right, I usually check out what’s over on the left.

So my son took the lead and helped me put up the decorations and lights on the house yesterday. Some people may not like my eccentric enthusiasm, but I don’t really care what they think. In fact, we’ve already had neighbors giving us happy honks, big smiles, and thumbs up as they drive by.

Over the years I’ve found that going in the opposite direction of the masses almost always puts me in a stronger position than if I should have followed everyone else.

In real estate marketing, it’s not only OK to be different but it’s almost always PROFITABLE! Doing things differently than everybody else is a fine skill that will set you apart from the huddled masses. When everybody goes one way consider going in the total opposite direction.
Kind of reminds me of probate.
Most real estate investors pursue every low or no-cost generic lead available.

It’s “monkey see monkey do” and they all end up standing around scratching their heads wondering why they can’t get ahead of their competition.

You and I know that right now the market is ultra-competitive, but as the old saying goes – the riches are in the niches!
Getting QUALITY probate leads is a great place to start. Then look at your marketing – if everybody is sending out a mail piece that says “We Buy Your House For Cash” how do you think you can possibly stand out with that message when you are all saying the same exact thing?!?

Do the opposite of what everybody else is doing and you will find different results.

Committed to your success,
Ernie “The Contrarian” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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