October 18

I Got Michael Jackson’s Probate File

Over the year’s I’ve looked at tons of probate cases. Every now and again I get one that really makes my jaw drop.
I remember going through my batch of probate leads only to find the one and only Michael Jackson in there!

I was going through my files like any other day when all of a sudden I see the name and then the value of the estate that’s when I realize I was dealing with the one and only Michael Jackson.
Although it’s unfortunate whenever someone passes, it’s pretty crazy to take a look inside the probate case of someone ultra famous like the great King of Pop.

But what really boggles my mind is how do these wealthy people end up in probate of all places?!?

The topic of death causes avoidance and procrastination in everyone, not just us common folk. Even celebrities, like Michael Jackson, do not prepare their estate which means their family has to go through a lot of hardship to figure out what their wishes would have been.

And this wasn’t the only celebrity case I’ve come across. Sometimes it’s outright super famous people and other times it’s niche celebrities. But what’s amazing is how common it is for people, regardless of wealth or status, to leave their assets up to the probate court to figure out how they are to be distributed.
I share this with you because the problem is not going away. As a matter fact, it is increasing since death is a normal progression of life and people as a whole are getting way more lazy.
And that means there is even more opportunity for you to not only help these families out, but grow your real estate investing business!

You’re probably wondering if I called the PR for Michael Jackson. The answer is no. All of these celebrity probate cases are hornet nests that I do not want to get involved in.

Here are a few other famous people who’s probate cases are stuck and I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole:

Aretha Franklin
Amy Winehouse
Bob Marley (over 30 years after his death and it’s still getting battled out in court!)
Jimi Hendrix
Sonny Bono
Kurt Cobain 

Committed to your success,
Ernie “Moon Walking” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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