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Steve Sax

Growing up in LA, there was only one team to love. The Dodgers. And in my humble opinion, one of the greatest Dodgers to ever play the game was Steve Sax. But it wasn’t just his incredible talent at the plate or his impenetrable defense at second base. What I have always admired most about

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How to Become Immune to the Hated I-Buyers

Doesn’t it seem like computers are taking over everything? And a lot of people are losing jobs because of it. Accountants, receptionists, doctors, security guards… all being taken over by artificial intelligence.I just read an article the other day that even taxis and uber will be taken over by self-driving cars soon.And us real estate

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I Got Michael Jackson’s Probate File

Over the year’s I’ve looked at tons of probate cases. Every now and again I get one that really makes my jaw drop.I remember going through my batch of probate leads only to find the one and only Michael Jackson in there! I was going through my files like any other day when all of

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Having fun in real estate?

I love finding probate in the newspaper. This weeks article is about a man who inherited a Revolutionary Era ship. It just shows that there is so much history to be found within probate.  There are treasures just waiting to be discovered.  That’s one of the things that makes this business so much fun and

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