May 19

Five Candy Bars and a Bottle of Wine


Australia is an odd country. Their creepy, crawly critters are enormous and scary, most of the country is a desert, and it seems like people get lost in the backcountry all the time.

Just the other day a 48 year old woman named Lilian took a wrong turn, got stuck in the mud, had no cell service, and ended up spending five harrowing days in Australia’s grueling backcountry.

Eventually, a search helicopter found her, but how did she survive that long completely unprepared? Well, she was on her way to a party and brought a bottle of wine as a gift. That bottle, along with some candy bars she had stashed away in the car, helped her survive the five day ordeal.

Lilian’s guardian angel must have nudged her to bring that bottle of wine because without it she would have died from dehydration.

I guess the moral here is if you’re going to travel through Australia, you’ve gotta be prepared.

The same is true with real estate. The markets shift constantly. Ups and downs. Hot and cold. But there’s one niche that produces no matter what’s going on in the world. Yup, it’s probate.

Death is the sad reality of life. Here in the U.S., almost six people die every minute. And most of them have not properly prepared their estates. And that means they have to go through the probate process.

And that wouldn’t be so bad if the process wasn’t so confusing for them and if there weren’t nefarious attorneys, agents, and investors trying to steal their inheritance from under their noses.

Now I’m not going to try to twist your arm to go into probate real estate. I just want you to know there is a need for trustworthy, honest agents and investors who truly care about people to help these families through the probate process.

While you’re enjoying your time with family and friends this weekend, give probate some thought. You can not only make a difference in your family’s life, but you could also make a huge impact on hundreds of families going through probate.

So will I ever visit Australia? Well, boxing a kangaroo is not on my bucket list but…

To your success,
Ernie “Outback” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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