April 22

How to Buy 6 to 10 Probate Properties with 6 to 10 Feet of Distance

I had such an interesting couple of conversations this morning with a few of my ProbateFox members that I just had to stop and share some of that with you.

First of all, we don’t ignore the fact that we are all human and therefore have been impacted in one way or another with this current change in the way that we live.

Some of the folks in my group have admitted they have reacted to the changes with fear and therefore have chosen “to sit this one out”.

I get it. 

But sitting on the sidelines and watching things happen is not going to help anybody and especially not their families.

Of course, carelessly jumping in without some sort of support and a plan is just reckless and not recommended either.

This is where having a peer group, support team, coach or mentor really helps you because these are the voices that will encourage you, and will also provide you the space to bounce your ideas with.

And this is exactly the kind of environment I like to create for my students.

As probate real estate professionals we need to:

Keep moving forward

Our sellers who are going through probate still need to sell their property. 

But now they have been faced with an additional burden which involves 6 to 10 feet of distance and court closures make it so that it could be 6 to 10 weeks until they are allowed to get their probate letters which grants them the authority to transfer the sale of that house. 

Well I’m a firm believer that with every problem, new opportunities are born…


Only to those that have their eyes open for opportunities.

So here’s the play that most of my students have implemented in their probate real estate acquisition and/or listing business:

-get properties under contract

-release a small portion of the earnest money deposit when safe

-line properties up for closing

-if letters were previously filed, then help to obtain them if their local county can release

I urge you to keep looking for a need that you can fill in this marketplace when most of your so-called competitors are standing around scratching their heads with a big question mark on their face.

Committed to your success,

Ernie “Keep Moving Forward“ Vargas


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