January 26

I Had To Bring My 2 Year Old To The Probate Court


As an entrepreneur, I’ve always been a big fan of taking your kids to work. Learning from books will only get them so far.

But back when I got started in real estate, bringing my 2 year old daughter, Christina, along with me to pull probate records at the courts or along on appointments wasn’t about education.

Back then, my wife Kathy was working all day and if I couldn’t find a sitter, my only option was to bring Christina with me wherever I had to go.

If you want to move yourself forward, you need to drop the excuses. Leave the excuses for those sorry folks who are doomed to just dreaming about achieving success, never able to get anything real done because they’re just not willing to man-up and take that first big step.

Over the years all four of my kids have been active in the business in one way or another. Cold calling, door knocking, rehabbing a house, probate court over bids, or meeting up with inspectors. You name it and they done it.

Experience is the real key to success.

To your success,
Ernie “Gifting Probate Experience” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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