April 24

Post Easter Probate Story


Hi all,

I have been real busy in the last few months so I haven’t been as diligent with my posts as I would like to be.  Yesterday was Easter Sunday and as I was speaking with a family at church, they were telling me about how their father was especially missed this time of the year since his death.  Nevertheless, they were also pretty grateful that he lived a full life and now it was his time to rest.  Then they mentioned how he left them his house which was free and clear of any liens and all of the contents of that property.  They were happy to receive a valuable inheritance as that, yet they were so miserable because they live in California and yet the house is in Tennessee. Boy, what a time burden this probate process has been for them.  They said that all they want is to sell it and get it over with as soon as possible but they don’t have the time to interview real estate agents or to deal with the commute back and forth to Tennessee. I was surprised that nobody had contacted them to purchase that property.  But I guess it shouldn’t surprise me because most investors and agents don’t know anything about contacting these types of service-needing sellers.  I mentioned to them that they could just sell that property to an investor in that area that would pay them all cash and eliminate all their troubles within weeks.

Needless to say, they were real happy with me.

That conversation really got me to thinking about you, the investor and how important it is that I share this probate niche so that you too can become a service provider to your local probate community.

Anyways hope your Easter was wonderful.


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