May 5

Cinco De Mayo


One of the things that I love about living in Los Angeles is that there is so much celebration about almost anything and everyone.

In real estate we celebrate when we have a closed transaction. But we should always remember to celebrate during the whole process from making the offer to inspecting a property, to putting it into escrow and yes to casing the check after escrow closes.

I believe a good way to be able to celebrate more closings in by leading your real estate business, as exactly that, a business. You would be surprised as to how most people approach their real estate investing endeavors. Most people do to get focused, organized, and have no system in place to follow. You can succeed at any of the market opportunities at hand, be it REO’s, short sales. note buying, or even one of my favorites- Probate.

In probate and in real estate, it’s about clearly developing a strategy that’s backed by a step-by-step proven plan. In the up-coming weeks, I will share some information with you to help you get your business up and running fast!

So stay tuned.

To your success,
Ernie Vargas

P.S. One on the secrets to attracting more successful results is by simply having fun and finding enjoyment in what you do within your real estate and probate market.

P.P.S. Over the next few weeks, I plan on Purposely having fun sharing this information and I hope you do too.


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