November 27

She asked me where would I be today if….


I was interviewed this morning and as the interviewer was asking me various questions I realized how lucky I am.

But not just me, I also began to think about you my email subscribers, friends, and students.

The reason I also consider you to be lucky is because as a person who reads these emails, you already think differently than the average individual.

You’re obviously interested in the pursuit of probate real estate and you must be aware of the opportunity that this inherited property niche has the potential of providing for you.

I believe that we are a group of people who believe and whole heartedly know it is possible to live a life with endless possibilities and Real Estate is our vehicle of choice to help us get there.

Having said that, as we prepare for Thanksgiving and reflect on what we are thankful for I would encourage you to think about the opportunities that you have in front of you and the fact that you have the vision and the wisdom to recognize such opportunities.

The majority of the American population will never dare to think in these terms.

The Probate Real Estate business has provided a high autonomy lifestyle for my family and we are grateful for that.

As my interviewer continued, she asked me a question that really made me think.

She asked me where I thought I would be today had I not chosen to pursue my dreams?

I really thought about that because not only would my life look different today but also all of the inherited property sellers whom I’ve worked with as most of them have had challenges that only a probate expert could resolve for them.

And to a greater degree folks like yourself who I have been very blessed to work with and share my experience and knowledge with.

Every week for example, I hear different stories from my Probate Fox family as they reach out to me and share their story of how they helped another executor or administrator and often times I hear stories of how they saved a property from being foreclosed on because of a reverse mortgage that the estate was burdened with.

I am grateful that I chose to pursue my dreams and to share my experience with my Probate Fox community.

I hope you’re grateful for the void that you fill in our probate market as an expert.

And if you are not there yet; the opportunity is wide open for you.

If you haven’t yet joined the Probate Fox family, I invite you to do so through the VAULT VIP group monthly master class as that is a very easy way to get started with me and the Probate Fox family.

As always this months master class will be released on the first of the month.

When the first hits, the physical class goes to the printer and is mailed out to you. The online master class is released to those that are members. There are no black Friday gimmicks here just solid guidance that will help you live your life of complete autonomy.

To your success,

Ernie “ Thankful” Vargas

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving from both My Family and The Probate Fox Family to you and yours.


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