November 29

A four-part philosophy to help you get all you possibly can


Good evening, 

I hope your Thanksgiving was a great one and that you were able to celebrate it with a special someone(s).

I also hope that you were able to think about the things that you are grateful for with an emphasis on the things that you have versus the things that you don’t.

As we prepare for the weekend I have a special 4 part philosophy that I would like to share with you.

This is something that I learned from the late and great Jim Rohn whom I was a student of for many years.

As a matter of fact, I still own all of my cassette tapes and CDs and yes, I do continue to listen to his still very timely messages.

The Ant Philosophy

  1. Ants never quit.

An ant is committed to its destination and if something gets in its’ way or something tries to stop them, an ant will look for another way.

An ant will not give up and an ant will not stop. The ant will do whatever it takes in order to continue to move forward to its’ destination. The ant will climb over, crawl under, or they will go around. The aunt will keep looking for a way.

2. Ants think winter all summer

The ant knows that summer will not last forever. Therefore, the ant is gathering its winter food in the middle of summer.

3. Ants think summer all winter

The ant is aware that the winter is not forever. And they know that they will soon be out so on the very first day of warmth the ant comes out. The ant can’t wait to get out.

4. How much will the ant gather during the summer to prepare for the winter?

All he possibly can. 

These are very simple but yet very true concepts. When I first heard this, it was so impactful to me that I repeated these words to myself when things got tough or when I just felt like I was getting too comfortable.

I wanted to share this message with you because I am aware that this business can be tough at times and as we wrap up this year we need to think about what is ahead of us by simply preparing for it today.

We live in the greatest country with the greatest opportunities that are not to be wasted.

When ever your journey has road blocks, do whatever it takes to keep moving forward and never get comfortable.

Continue to invest in your growth and don’t go at this alone. 

My Probate Fox family students and I have had a great year and I would like to extend the invitation for you to come join the Family.

The Vault VIP masterclass will celebrate it’s one year anniversary in January and we are just getting started with many more great things to come in the new year.

I’m overflowing with a heart full of gratitude and my desire is to help you to become the single best probate expert in your circles so that you can bring the much needed service to our sellers, all the while you are compensated equally for the value that you bring to the marketplace.

Committed to your success, 

Ernie “The Ant Man“Vargas


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