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Working for the Weekend?

It’s been another busy week for me here at the REI Leadership Academy and I’m looking forward to unwinding this weekend.In addition to helping my team prospect and close probate deals, launching my Probate Business Blueprint program, and getting a ready to start a new Probate Real Estate Renegade coaching group, I’m also working on adding […]

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Time to Level Up?

I was talking to my marketing director, Mark, the other day about kids nowadays and their video games. Back in the day, the only video game I used to play was Pac-Man (yup, I’m an old fart). But Mark was telling me how he would spend hours playing Super Mario Bros, Castlevania, and Contra on […]

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My Homeless Friend Buffalo

I would like to share the story about a friend named Buffalo.I live in Los Angeles. Current county estimates put the number of chronically homeless individuals at roughly 15,000. Buffalo happens to be one of these people.Buffalo lives under a bridge and does not have the traditional comforts of the type of house that most […]

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Do you Know Jonathan Winters?

I don’t know who came up with the five-day workweek, but there should be a national holiday named after them. After the week I’ve had (remember that one of my rehabs got robbed?) I could really use a little rest and relaxation.God knows all and must have noticed how stressed I was this week because a friend […]

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Is Your Life Stranger The Fiction?

I was just talking with my wife this morning about what we were doing a year ago. It is so weird to look back at where we were and where we’re at now.A year and a half ago, if someone would have made a movie about everything that has happened over the past 12 months, […]

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A Deathbed Confession

I remember once hearing the story of a very wealthy man who was on his deathbed.  This man had found success in all of the ways the world regards it. He was at the top of the social ladder. He had founded many successful businesses. He lacked nothing money could buy.He knew the end was […]

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It’s Good to Laugh After a Tough Week

I’ll be honest with you, this week Friday couldn’t come fast enough.I’ve had so many phone calls, zoom meetings, and odd ball problems spring up all week long, I’m definitely going to enjoy a little rest and relaxation.One thing I love doing is laughing. It’s actually really great for your physical and mental health. Among […]

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