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I Had a Conversation with Elon Musk

So technically it is true I had a conversation with Elon last night. The thing is there were 4999 other people in on the same conversation lol.Have you heard of the iPhone app Clubhouse? It’s a new way to share ideas and have conversations, but you have to be invited by someone already in. Luckily, […]

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A History Teacher vs. A Soccer Coach

Friday I told you about coach Edward, the soccer expert that, by the way, has taken his junior college team to state championship and in addition has private clients that are eager to get their kids on his calendar. But the bad news is that, unfortunately coach Edward is not able to fulfill the request […]

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Probate Specialist to Soccer Coach

I’m deep in the heart of AYSO soccer season with Ernie and Rebecca, my two youngest kids. This year I decided not to coach but rather to hire a personal professional soccer coach to train my own children. We started our training prior to the season so that we would hit the ground running…I guess […]

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My Dog of 16 Years Passed Away This Weekend

I just wanted to share with you, my Probate Fox family that my dog Cinder died this past weekend at the age of 18. She was diagnosed with Canine Degenerative Myelopathy which is similar in many ways to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). It is often seen in German Shepard’s and my beautiful Cinder was a […]

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