December 23

How to Put the Entitled Real Estate Business to Shame

It has been quite a busy year for my team and I and as we wrap up our year. I like to pause and reflect on many of the events, conversations, and experiences that impacted me in one way or another; and like I do every year I like to share these with you.


Leadership is very important to me and I am constantly reading, reflecting, observing and learning how I can be a better leader to those who have put their trust in me for guidance. This includes my real estate sales team, my students, my probate sellers, and even my family. 

I am a father to four kids and their upbringing has been very different than mine. I grew up as an only child to a single mother in a very humble lifestyle and as a result I had a driving hunger to thrive and change these circumstances for my mother and I. 

My kids have had a warm loving home with a pretty decent lifestyle and I am pretty grateful about that, yet I am aware that their upbringing will shape their adult behavior and viewpoints in how they choose to live their life. 

I have put rules and systems in place to make sure, as best as I can, that they do not live as the “entitled” mentality individual. 

It is common to see children or grandchildren of poverty stricken people -who given it their all and did not take no for an answer attitude- end up entitled and lack the drive to go out and GET IT for themselves in their own life. It can be unavoidable, if not consciously monitored, as human nature is strange in that sense that if you take the struggle away from someone to obtain the win they take on the entitled mentality that everything in life should be easy. 

It’s like the story of the caterpillar and its cocoon. A little boy noticed a butterfly struggling to break out of its cocoon so he decided to help it by breaking open the cocoon so that this butterfly could come out. What this child did not know is that the struggle, the  back and forth of  pushing and pulling  is necessary for a butterfly because that movement is what strengthens that little butterflies wings and because that butterfly was not allowed to work its way out of the cocoon, it was not ever able to fly. 

Have you put rules and systems in place to make sure as best as you can that your business will not tumble when the economy shifts?

The key word I want for us to focus on here today is…


Because business has been so good to the real estate sector for these past few years most folks have not monitored their real estate endeavors. It is important to know where your deals are coming from and what is helping move these leads to a converted sale.

But what about tracking the tools, software, and even people in your operation? 

Do any of these need to be trimmed down?

Have you created methods to obtain referrals? 

Dedicated to your success,

Ernie “Monitoring the System” Vargas


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