March 5

Where Are You Now That I Need Ya?


It has been a while since you’ve heard from me and that’s mainly because I have experienced one of the biggest seasons of growth in my companies but more importantly I have been working closely with my coaching students to help them experience their biggest growth in their real estate businesses.

So as a result I have provided my team members and coaching students the bulk of my time.

And although that is great I have to tell you that I truly have missed sharing and communicating with you.

I have been nudged by many in our probate fox community asking me where have I been????

Well, yes I am still here and I am here for you.

I am honored to hear from so many reaching out asking for my input and I am so thrilled to witness the success of those who have followed my advice.

I will be in email writing mode once again. My goal is to write to you as frequent as possible throughout the week and at times that could even mean daily. 

If for any reason you would prefer that the frequency of my emails would be less than that then there is an option to opt to only receive one email per week.

My goal is to help you grow your real estate business to the level that you desire.

There is no point in me keeping all of this knowledge and experience to myself especially because of the demand that folks going through probate have and because they need you so much.  It is my obligation to prepare you as best as I can.

To your success,

Ernie “I Am Here for You “ Vargas


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