March 11

The Probate Fox Will not be Quarantined


Your bills are not on quarantine and as long as you can work, neither is your real estate business.
 The fear of the coronavirus caused a panic in Wall Street this week and some of my friends in the federal district courts have shared that they have received a notice that all court restrictions and potential court closures could be something we may see in the near future.
 So what does that mean for your probate real estate business?
 Well, interestingly, it is a hot topic with probate sellers that I am speaking with. 
 Many of the folks who inherit real estate tend to live outside of the state where the property is and since many people are staying away from travel at the moment many are telling me that they feel like their only choice is to put off the sale of their house.
 In the Probate Fox world, we are always thinking in terms of  how can we alleviate the stress that a personal representative is going through.
 Well for one we already know that the “PR” (short for personal representative) is typically up to their necks in unwanted expenses, worry, and confusion.
 So now when I am going through my Q & A process with my sellers and I know that they are out of the area, I am aware that this is something that may be on their mind.
 As for my seller who believed that they were out of options, I simply let them know that they have an ally in town that could take care of the property for them… and of course we could always purchase it without them ever needing to come to town. 😁
 The beautiful sound of relief was heard in the voice of my seller.
 With the rumors of potential court closings, many of the personal representatives are panicking because all they want is to get these properties off their hands.
 It is your job to be the source of peace and comfort during this time.
 I have no idea what the impact of this coronavirus will be and how long it will last but what I do know is that as long as there is a problem there is an opportunity for you to be a solution for that problem.
 And since there is currently no restriction on our ability to participate in day-to-day activities here in America, we might as well take advantage of the day and of the opportunity to be a solution and go to work!
 Committed to your success,
 Ernie “Working Overtime” Vargas


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